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  1. I am today calling for a total and complete shutdown of avatarless weirdo Tolkein gimps entering the Pie and Bovril until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on.
  2. Aye the "big number 8" has become such a big deal in discussions since Cotter's time now but honestly someone with the skill level of Mercer alongside Watson's physicality and Ritchie's dickishness would be better than a Vunipola/Nathan Hughes type. Think the difference between Mercer and Dempsey (other than Mercer just being better imo) is he's only 24. All for the birds now and my now year long occasional day dreams about that back row can go away. Someone hasn't noticed that part of the law anyway!
  3. Yeah that was my previous thought which is why I was excited (genuinely thinking Mercer would have been a transformational player for Scotland were he up for it.) The rule as I've seen it reported seems to be solving a very specific problem re the PI and SANZAR which I guess is fair enough but I don't really see why it couldn't be "anyone you were eligible for at the time that you first/last played for X international team" as this prevents any mercenary potential of someone waiting out residency having already played for another nation. While not nearly to the same degree NH nations and particularly England will cap players to stop them playing somewhere else (Rodd will be waiting a while for more England caps I'd imagine, for instance, although tbf they never did give Odogwu his single cap so he couldn't play for Italy). Aye from what I can see this is it. Even generally why grandparents are considered fine for some people while residency isn't does not make any sense to me but that's a different discussion.
  4. Just seen the big rule change went through, but the detail says the player must have a link through birth to that union which I think means no Mercer to Scotland as he was raised here rather than a family connection (why that wouldn't be included I can't work out). Good news for the PI though
  5. One correction here in that Stack and Liam Miller were pretty good signings all things considered for Hibs (Stack only in the context of our decade of shite keepers though) Can't really comment on any of his other teams but my memory of Yogi at Hibs was managing to overwhelm teams for 6 months with a ridiculously strong attack of Zemmama, Nish, Stokes and Riordan(credit to him bringing in Stokes) with some pretty handy players in Bamba, Miller, Wotherspoon etc behind them. He then turned a downturn in form into a runaway train of shite and later signed that collection of diddies which started the run towards relegation for us so not fondly remembered over this way. A terrific piece of business
  6. Love @AJF being willing to set himself up for about 8 easy dunks with that run through of his day. A generous man and that's why he's the best bear on the forum (today)
  7. Aye well or that. ATM we seem to be focussed on getting our least skillful players to run right into Rangers midfielders
  8. Dunno about anyone else but I think it'd be neat if we could hold the ball for a bit
  9. Yes thankfully honest man has now talked himself down to making exactly the same point he thought was really funny when people brought up earlier. Progress, of a kind
  10. Used to get that all the time if I was going back to Glasgow from my folks' when I was at uni, especially on days the OF were playing. More than once had to just sack off the first train and hope the next was quieter. My mate came from Perth for the Israel game a few weeks back and (on a train coming from Aberdeen arriving 2 hours before the game) there were 2 carriages. Madness
  11. Glad you've climbed down a bit from your silly knee-jerk "but my wee carrrrr" reaction to a factually accurate point, but you're still not arguing against a point anyone has made here. Of course private car drivers (not the only road users as you well know despite your as usual hilariously selective framing) pay tax that contribute to road maintenance. So does everyone else who pays tax though, so your multi-post wailing is still completely irrelevant.
  12. Remind us where you're from and how you became such a die hard Rangers supporter again?
  13. Its entitled to assume your cause is more important than everyone else that your holding up. It objectively is though
  14. I'm wondering if a certain "no one should ever be inconvenienced" poster feels the same when his colleagues are flattening wedding parties all over the world
  15. Annoyed to have lost to the springboks at all let alone the score which I guess is positive? A lot of decent moments and performances and can't complain about struggling to execute and being physically dominated by this springboks team. Similar to the Ireland game felt our lineout was far too predictable and our bottle collapsed as a result which was disappointing. Horne still doesn't have the fundamentals at this level and too early for McLean. Showed how important Johnson or redpath are at 12, Scott showing that trucking it up for Leicester is not good prep to be Scotland's 12. Once again banging my "please let this vote go through and get straight on the phone to Zach Mercer drum"
  16. Everyone's career is in my P&B database. Ok this is only sensible thank you.
  17. Well you're posting the crying laughing emoji so you couldn't possibly be mad online.
  18. It's not the hardest read tbf mate. We all saw you have a brief "life's too short" phase clearly after giving up the job before reverting to your Victorian Workhouse Beadle act. The fact you're spending every day of your retirement arguing in barely contained rage with younger men is another pretty sure sign. I do hope you don't join the hordes for whom early retirement means an early grave but the early signs are NOT good I'm afraid.
  19. You can never help but describe yourself my man!
  20. Last comment disappeared so just to repeat: if so, add grown adults who work for the RAF to it
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