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  1. Shame none of you were there for either of them and it was a glorified night out in the Foundry for ya!
  2. Good result despite not being at our best Just looking through the thread here and complaining about diving is the most small time and to use some P&b lingo, Lovejoy, behaviour possible. Concentrate on your booked centre halves not getting sent off for being fucking morons and not booting one of the most fouled players in the league up and down the park making it easy for him to win dodgy fouls thank you
  3. Scooter Allan's Esb (expected shroo ball) is unmeasurable
  4. Stephen Craigan is a whiny little bitch and frankly he can suck my dick thank you
  5. Cunnilingus and psychiatry brought us to this
  6. Jason Bourne - despite having more courage in it's convictions than the original films and just explicitly making the CIA and security state as a whole the baddy, this is by far the least interesting and weakest of the series. The manhunt scenes aren't balanced with enough clever evasion or investigation from Bourne which made the earlier films exciting, with his involvement mainly being sitting on trains or being in action set pieces. The crowbarring in of more modern social media and surveillance stuff isn't handled well at all, and as a result the film struggles to get performances out of Riz Ahmed and TLJ which is a real shame. I've never understood why Vincent Cassel keeps getting these roles, and Vikander is pretty wooden. Pretty poor and fails as a spy film, an action film and any sort of social cultural commentary imo.
  7. The reason she looks uncomfortable is Andrew has just said "the original matrix sequels are actually really good. I often get a load of shite (juice, sweets, crisps) from the shop and watch them hungover, the sign of a good couple of films. Would you like to join me?"
  8. I see the JC is now trying to cancel comedian Rob Delaney for an (imo quite funny) joke, because it played on ridiculous prejudices towards Jews and he is meeting Corbyn at an event. Tbf to Rob this was in 2009 before it was established that acknowledging anti semitism is very weird is of course a form of antisemitism. The totally good faith comments underneath from the last few days are some of the purest anglo posting I have ever seen, personal favourite below
  9. The dream of a third fire is dead lads https://news.stv.tv/west-central/muriel-gray-steps-down-as-glasgow-school-of-art-chairwoman
  10. "Could prevent" is not the same as proving they work is it though?
  11. Even under the assumption that that lancet article is anything more than a glorified newspaper column it also took them many years to withdraw Andrew Wakefield's vaccines and autism study so I'd be wary of using any individual articles in there tbh
  12. Generously two sentences you posted made sense but enjoy your night chum!
  13. Oh aye Baxter and thon other laddie aren't worth engaging with generally, no offence meant to them, but in this case what he posted was at least deserving of response, even if it is a case of the SNP being awful cost cutting neolibs as opposed to bloodsucking Tories and just looking good in comparison. I'm sure you're right re politicians and court cases but that doesn't really mean anything except vague suspicion re the ones cited. And aye sorry personal dislike is the wrong way to put it. I think Humza and Swinney in particular are absolutely fair enough to be fed up with. The exams one is a funny one, as with a few of the big missteps over covid. Don't get me wrong I'm by no means an alright jack guy with Covid. I've had a minor nervous breakdown in the past few months, signed off work etc; my grandad died after getting covid (ultimately a longer term illness that took him but I'm sure fighting it off a few weeks prior to his death didn't do him any favours), his care was impacted along the way because of it and while I was lucky enough to speak to him on the phone in a lucid moment the night before he died I didn't see him for a year before. Other elderly relatives have probably lost time they would have had if not for the worry and inactivity of the last year. And all that being the case I consider myself one of the lucky ones. But other than on the big issues like care homes (which as far as I can tell Baxter is right about) and the overly cautious attitude since the vulnerable were vaccinated or so almost certainly depriving us of freedoms unnecessarily I find it hard to get too het up about stuff like how to square the circle of finding a way to get people's qualifications sorted in a completely equitable way when they couldn't get into school.
  14. I never realised the music was diegetic in that. So so good
  15. To play devil's advocate (because I broadly agree with you), Baxter actually posted decent rebuttals of pretty much all BSF's points to which he just got a "yeah but no" response and a lot of the criticisms you posted seemed to boil down to (again, justified imo) personal dislike for some of the politicians so we're not exactly dealing with great arguments on either side are we. And that's before we discuss the shite state of affairs of the alternatives.
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