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  1. The reaction to the Eddie Jones news by all the twitter rugby analysis guys who used to do good work on individual games or strategies but have increasingly become galaxy brained big theory guys has been very funny. Yes he is always working towards the world cup and I wouldn't be sacking anyone 9 months before it but they have been pretty stinking for a while now. Was fun to see Squidge banging the "he's holding things back for the WC!" drum as if some set piece moves and kick off strategies means it doesn't matter that they are getting battered all over the pitch by SA and even Argentina. That said... Get rid of toonie and get Eddie in, he likes a world cup
  2. Ireland getting a penalty for an illegal turnover where no one in gold was even touching it on the floor there. Aso Bernard Foley is up there for the worst tier 1 international 10s
  3. Yeah despite what he did earlier the chances of Graham takin on Clarke and Barrett in that space is low, Hogg did the right thing there
  4. Italy are looking fantastic so far here, superb try for Capuozzo
  5. Only got the time to watch the first half of these games and going for Italy Australia. I know they're still not great but for some reason I like watching this Italian team. Still no Polledri or Minozzi. I wonder if Odogwu going to stade might make them see if they can get him involved. My dream is essentially to see a backline of Minozzi, Capuozzo, Odogwu, Marin, Ioane, Garbisi and Carney. Baws out
  6. could be worse? No idea what Redpath has done to upset them this much though. Must be fun to be the likes of Laing and Hutchinson watching Sione playing 12 as well
  7. I think it'll be Tuipulotu outside kinghorn, as Townsend will have thought they linked pretty well together against Australia. Just remembering the high point of Townsend's time was pretty much bang on 4 years ago, his first full year in charge was so promising overall. Taking a superior ABs team to the wire. Imo it's improbable we keep it below a 20 point gap this time round. Comparing this year with 2018 is depressing. Again, he's going nowhere, but what a wasted opportunity it's all been
  8. Cam Redpath is back in the bath squad for this weekend...
  9. Yeah, seeing a lot of the, funnily enough, people who make money from it saying "no, the culture war worked actually, it was all the *waves hands vaguely* other stuff we did". Abortion is a funny one because obviously that has been a big pillar for the Dems this time around. I think all things considered the status quo was ok with the vast majority and the issue was handy second paragraph rhetoric on each side. The republicans blinked first to actually do something about it, made it a live issue so that democrats running on saving abortion actually engaged people rather than made them change the channel. Again, the supreme court and legislative republicans making very clear what their plans to materially impact people's lives are is an oppositional motivator for a far larger number of people than pretending there's cat litter trays for furries in schools
  10. Think this is as right as anything I've seen so far. Like you might put off some people angry about petrol prices going up if you also say you want the LGBT people that pretty much everyone has in their lives to be fired. The online aspect of Trumpism seemed to convince the republicans there was something to be gained through the Chris Rufio, LibsOfTikTok weirdos, or the Thiel type crypto monarchists, but they discounted that even in somewhere as deeply weird as the US most people have a real distaste for weirdos
  11. It's the type of forward pass that the old boys who ref my absolutely dugmeat amateur team on a saturday manage to spot every week as well
  12. One of the increasing number of annoying things about squidge is that Wales is the only team he ever really criticises. Everyone else can put in an absolute dogshit performance and, at least in his videos, he'll be all "there are some real positives to be taken here". Tbf I guess his focus is always more on what teams are doing well. God I didn't realise sexton was as old as 37
  13. Think Barnes is better than most but he talks some nonsense to try and be matey with the players. "start using it now Tom" - just say "use it 9" you w**k
  14. Starting to like the look of the ABs again. Interesting solution to their midfield jigsaw, would have McKenzie over one of Havili and Lienert-Brown, but I guess you have them both as neither of your starting centres are really there by choice
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