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  1. No mate haven't seen that one. Dunno what happened but looked like I had watched all of them and then when the new one got released recently suddenly there were loads more I hadn't seen. Know what I'm putting on when I've got meetings I don't have to talk in next week!
  2. Based on the person saying it I'd be surprised!
  3. Aye they really need to upgrade on Benzema, Mbappe and Griezman right enough
  4. McTominay and Tierney makes such a difference getting good play into midfield. McGinn much better, Adams looks class again, Dykes is winning some battles at least
  5. Was thinking that, regardless of who's right wing back tbh. Forrest or Fraser on one side sticking fairly wide, Armstrong or Christie on the other side playing a bit more centrally. With Tierney attacking up the left we'd have two in each of the wide positions attacking
  6. I think I saw a video on him on a different channel and agreed. The JCS on the Parkland shooter was probs my favourite, or the addict who was going through withdrawal and just taking the piss to get cans of coke, though I've still some to watch
  7. I was a regular there c.2014. best chicken wraps in Glasgow
  8. France and Italy clear winners there. Lived in Spain more than 2 years and managed to miss Mirinda
  9. Aye, my uncle has been there since about 2000 after doing a year abroad at uni and 16 years of visiting convinced them. My dad was police so after his 30 years they were looking at staying between there and home, then my mum got offered an improbable early retirement/voluntary redundancy and it was a no brainer
  10. My dad bought 50 olive and almond trees when he retired and is getting chickens. Keeps talking about buying a tractor for what is essentially a big garden as well. He also volunteers at his local charity shop and got approached by the PSOE party to stand for the local council (he declined and just as well, a recent debate was about whether Franco was that bad). On the one hand I think he's a bit of a maniac but at the same time I like to think in the unlikely scenario I can retire in my 50s I'd be as active
  11. both very funny and correct, Madeley simply does not miss. The folding of the glasses a particular highlight
  12. I dunno if I see a difference other than things being posted online tbh. And of course social media is the issue, sorry if unclear but that's what I was referring to
  13. GB News don't give a shit about advertisers anyway, the folk funding them have deep pockets even if they have given them a laughably small budget which is borne out in the absolute tinpot production values and constant technical issues they're having. It's just a vehicle for culture war nonsense and arguing that technically Epstein wasn't a paedophile/leave Prince Andrew alone. Their numbers will almost certainly plummet once the novelty wears off and it'll just be DPB and some more performing seals tuning in to watch Dan Wooton speak while the camera's trained on the door to the bathroom
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