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  1. I used to manage 10k just with a slightly over half hour walk to and from work and walking about during the day. If you can try and just go out for a couple of walks before and after work, gives a good buffer to the day as well. Feels a bit strange if you're working from home but just get up and go outside or have a wonder about the house in the same way you would if you were in an office getting a drink/skiving/whatever. Saying that I've been terrible recently but trying to get to 9/10k just with walking a day and going out running 3/4 times a week on top of that, if you get a decent lunchbreak WFH is really good for getting out running. Just moving house so need to find a new gym but will be trying to get there 3/4 times a week as well for weight training only. Also what detournement said, get a dog.
  2. Maybe when you stop evoking mass murderers as a point of comparison with someone taking a contract in Saudi Arabia you'll have a little bit more standing to be outraged by the conduct of others you dafty.
  3. Ric continuing a really terrific run of form from recent weeks. Well done Ric, all you aberdonians should be ashamed of yourself (the reason for this is yet to be established)
  4. Nothing for certain yet but I understand it's very probable she took her own life sadly. Eta That's the last I heard dunno if there's been anything confirmed recently
  5. his own politics may not be great but Hislop is so good in these situations, just doesn't give a shit. Has them acting like little kids after a few minutes, Costa looks a complete idiot
  6. aye Stubbs' biggest achievement was maybe just making us quite decent that first season. We beat Rangers 4-0 (tbf at their nadir) with a midfield which had Scott Robertson, Liam Craig and Danny Handling in it
  7. I think that was in the summer and he was then sacked in November but could be wrong. Most would have let him go at any rate
  8. Yeah there was just a sense of malaise about the club that whole time. Part of that was some dreadful managerial appointments though and Calderwood and Butcher in particular were dreadful. Mixu and to an extent Fenlon at least seemed to have a clue but weren't really good enough either.
  9. How so? Don't really know anything about him
  10. I think he's a terrific writer and performer, the Office and to an extent Extras are fantastic sitcoms and the Office in particular has had a lasting impact with the US version etc. Even in stuff I don't like I think when he is funny he's very funny. Tbf it's now 20 years later and you'd be hard pushed to find many comics who have had that length of career and not become quite stale, especially now where commissioners are worried to give anything decent money unless it's an established name like his. But he's made a lot of missteps: his films in the states were all very poor (a fact about which he appears to be very bitter given how he went from being clearly very desperate to make it there to his Golden Globes rants), bringing back Brent so badly he just ruined the character, and as I say I really struggle to see what anyone enjoys about his most recent sitcoms from Life's Too Short to Date (although the Liam Neeson scene in LTS is one of the funniest bits I can remember); it's maybe just not my style but I never really found much about his standup to enjoy. His main skill now seems to be to keep onside a decent number of very loyal fans who jump on any criticism of him as "haha he boils piss" while they have visibly pissed their own pants.
  11. Stubbs was a funny one, and those weren't convinced by him at Hibs have ultimately been proven correct. He had a very good squad at that level and got a couple of years of relatively little pressure in the league due to Rangers and Hearts being there/managing a likeable team after a good 6/7 years of shite, so should have learned his trade. There were signs he had with obviously some very good victories over top flight sides in his various cup runs, and of course is a legend for winning the SC, but never managed to get us as far as a playoff final with some very poor performances under his tenure which ultimately would have seen him gone if he hadn't done so well in the cups. In the end though he seems to have been far too confident in his abilities and his tenure at St Mirren was jaw-droppingly strange.
  12. Looks a potentially very decent signing and I'm sure in a moment you could find Hibs announcing a player in the same way but you can tell Cormack's involved with the copy writing when they include "sought after" in the twitter announcement
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