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  1. Tuipolotu seems more and more a guy the SRU lads heard was Scots qualified, thought "we would like our own Pacific islander centre" and then watched a compilation of him flattening students in Japan. Think he has potential to improve and if he does he'd be a useful option but nowhere near it now. Delighted Bennett seems to be properly back now. IF he's really over those injury problems he's a terrific alternative option to Harris.
  2. I think Carey is a terrific signing because regardless of age, fitness, general ability I would always happily have a guy who can score 5 goals from outside the box a season in my team. Stevie Mallan leaving Hibs was my saddest day
  3. Yeah doidge will need replaced if he goes but looks off it. I quite like the look of Kenneh, though he's a bit clumsy at times. Think Tavares, Melkerson, Youan, Henderson and McGeady give us pretty good flexibility in the front 4. Very promising that we've not seen Doyle-Hayes and Newall start a game together
  4. Fair play, maybe it's moved on since I saw it but there's some info in there which I hadn't seen, which seems to be pretty definitive that one of the strikes was either a direct hit or as good as. Previously looked like a fire had started after (to be fair still as a result of) the strikes. Maybe I can't find the thing I saw because they've retracted. Cheers
  5. Can't find it now but it was a Twitter thread by some OSINT guys using satellite and other images vs the pictures that showed the explosion/smoke cloud
  6. Thon big fat lad is Ukrainian, and the missile that "hit a mall" seems to have actually hit a factory.
  7. This seems like really good news. Less avocado toast all round and this'll be sorted imo
  8. yeah, quite aggressive. All the new guys have looked decent enough for the first game of pre season tbh, Younne quiet though. Kenneh looks like a decent DM so far, happy sitting deep but gets across the ground well. Needs his studs change though he's slipped a few times.
  9. I just find the idea of Wikipedia as specifically a data source quite funny. It's so caveated around reported figures and, as he says himself, inflation, that it's not really a worthwhile comparison to even attempt imo. That's my understanding as well, can't remember who I was looking it up in reference to.
  10. Teams for the first pre-season game today (on youtube at 11 if anyone fancy's watching). Looks like a 4231 in both halves, which is grand. Think if Doidge has really been told he can leave then taking into account injuries we could still do with either a wide man or forward, and there's been the talk in the last few days about wanting to bring in a cb as well. Seems, going just by this and squad numbers, that Kenneh is being considered a first team player, and interesting to see Delferriere in the same role in the second half. Interestingly MacKay and Tait are neither in the teams nor the travelled but injured list. @craigkillie how did Tait get on for you guys last season, someone you'd expect to be stepping up to this level at this point?
  11. I know a couple of folk who are marine biologists who used to work for the EPA in the south east and apparently he's a massive pain in the arse. Heart in the right place, but everything was from the point of view of making things better for his angling pals instead of the health of the rivers themselves.
  12. Lord of the Rings: Rings Of Power Will Have Female Orcs - IGN Cheers Amazon @Thorongil's crying
  13. Definitely been the same for me. Individual threads load fairly quickly but can be a long time waiting on sub-forums, although not all of them strangely enough.
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