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  1. Saw a couple of seagulls chasing a kite which had taken some poor wee rodent when I was on the way home from a walk this evening. Was like a dog fight with a lot of swooping, thermal rising and dodging. Tremendous entertainment
  2. I'm particularly enjoying the "you'll rue the day, actually the legal route will be a cake walk" stage in which we now find ourselves.
  3. I've been right fed up working from home, but then it's a shitey call centre job and sitting answering emails and waiting for 2/3 calls a day is no fun regardless of where you are. The last couple of days had a taste of what it's like in other lines of work as part of the application progress for another job (fingers crossed) and I now see why so many folks here are loving it. Just realised this is a dreadful humblebrag
  4. Cultist horde is at least a new twist on an old classic
  5. Similar to that, I've always been fascinated by the big cat sightings in the UK, especially as they are usually concentrated in the same areas http://scotcats.online.fr/abc/sightings/bycounty/dumfries.html Almost certainly it's folk pished/spooked/making it up but there's some interesting theories if they are real, such as there being released by private owners who couldn't make themselves give them up when the Zoo act and others in the late 70s/early 80s made it impossible to legally own dangerous animals, and that's why the sightings have slowly dwindled away as there's no breeding population. Probably a lot of shite though
  6. Used a couple of different ones really, this probably the one I stuck closest to https://basicswithbabish.co/basicsepisodes/porchetta
  7. I ate yer maw when her hair was longer pal 😘
  8. Porchetta with citrus, nutmeg, garlic, herbs and chilli. Fucking delightful
  9. Was on a walk last weekend over into Tory Bucks (gfs place is right on the border) and walked past a lovely white house with a massive St George's flag outside and a sign reading "The Lodge". Could it be the home of one of P+B's most notorious posters?
  10. Agree with almost everything you've said there, and I wish (genuinely, this isn't a dig) that it didn't take clubs being in dire straits for these things to start in a meaningful way. The bit I've bolded hasn't quite worked out though, has it? A lot of the decision making at Hearts has been strongly criticised by the fans, and there hasn't been, that I've seen, a whole lot of change brought about as a consequence. Happy to be corrected.
  11. This was meant to be the NICE place on the politics sub you animals!
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