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  1. I mean, you've been on here a lot longer than me so surely that can't be a serious question. There's literally people from this same conversation who have done just that in response to the same post.
  2. Tbf mate when you explain that it makes sense but if you respond to a post calling out bigotry with a gif of exasperation, you can't blame folk for thinking otherwise
  3. 100% agreed. I'm an early riser but would still rather avoid the depressing sight of darkness an hour before finishing work
  4. Couple of folk about 2 posts away from "tinkers don't have the internet anyway so what's the problem" Imagine thinking people shouldn't care about the use of slurs because they aren't part of the effected group. And assuming that people/their loved ones are or aren't a part of any group because you're so desperate to be angry at folk for giving a shit Bracing for some braindead "faux offended" patter, as if that's the point of literally anything. Hopefully get someone saying actually Africans are racist towards each other as well, not seen that one on here for a while
  5. What a shite game so far. Ireland win a dodgy breakdown penalty, make an arse of it, Italy get a decent field position, make an arse of it. Repeat
  6. They make croquetas from it in Asturias and they are sublime. I always try to get some from the deli counter if I'm ever in a Spanish supermarket and I have a fridge (and two tupperware!) to put it in
  7. I mean, I really hope that's the case. But with the demographic, economic and climate trends coming or already arrived, I have to doubt that another Trump like figure head won't be along sooner rather than later. If I had any faith in a Biden/Pelosi led democratic party being able to address the underlying issues which caused the rise of the far right in the US I might be more optimistic. But the "knuckle draggers" in the republican party have been kicking the Dems up and down the aisles of both houses for as long as I can remember because they're smarter than they look and don't give a shit about norms.
  8. Stick around this time man! Re Dorly's post, some good points amongst his usual bizarre galaxy brain style posting. If anyone really thinks Trump losing this election is time to say "good night white pride" and to the far right in the USA then I have a lovely bridge to sell them.
  9. Does it count if you're going to a restaurant that you own due to an obvious attempt to circumvent the salary cap an employee benefit scheme
  10. It makes you wonder what world the folk who moan about a "clique" are living in
  11. Having a braw time imagining the graphic designers of Dumfries in 1919 unveiling their finalised logo only to realise they've missed a letter and have to pretend it's deliberate.
  12. Not sure anyone who wears a g shock watch and is still a fanboy for teen miserabilist Morrissey should be calling anyone else a virgin tbh.* * You do also have some class watches tbf
  13. Interesting that the same mod also just straight out called him an arsehole for disagreeing about the preferred outcome of the Falkirk vote on Monday. Just as well we're saved from the "bullying" of a few red dots though! 🤔
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