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  1. I've never been a big fan of Wilson but didn't realise he was only 31 and could still make the WC. Given the drop off in quality and caps in the back row after our first choice 3 I'd have him as the 4th or 5th guy in the squad. Can play all 3 positions as well (maybe pushing it at 7)
  2. I'm sure he mentioned something about trying to go internet-free for a while, but I think he just mentioned February. Maybe wasn't missing us 😔
  3. Aye I know but being born in the mid 90s and only seeing Partridge in the early 2010s I always thought Sue Cook was just one of the characters played by Rebecca Front
  4. Sound, on a related note I might get back to you on that home brewing advice later this month! Hope the burgers and that were good
  5. I sous vide them this time, so a quick blast in the frying pan with butter, salt pepper and honey then into a vac bag then water bath at 85 for several hours. Having said that, if you do the same in a pot and get a lid on with the minimum heat under it for 2 or 3 hours the result is probably as good if not better. Time is the key. A decent caramelized onion takes linger to cook than one might think. 20 minutes to half an hour might seem like plenty but it just isnt What sous vide did you go for in the end mate and would you recommend for the sous vide- curious semi-skilled home chef?
  6. I genuinely thought Sue Cook was made up for Partridge
  7. Haven't had a cigarette in 6 months and don't miss it, but boy are they class
  8. This completely ignores what's actually funny about this meme and just puts flags on it. It's a terrible meme and I'm disappointed you used it tbh
  9. Lol but again people/groups with influence are not terrified to say this, as evidenced by the Cancer Research Article that you briefly tried to claim supported your argument. Even Katie fucking Hopkins, the most cancellable shit going, was expressly invited onto tv shows for years because producers were delighted with the ratings she'd bring by just saying "I hate fat people" on whatever gawdy sofa. I admire the determination not to take the L but are you just unable to say "yeah I probably overstated this"?
  10. Yeah but by going into the comments section you're proving you're not terrified to say something is unhealthy, which is again what you said is now the case in this country. People might disagree with you about what is healthy and be precious and on this issue I'd agree they're wrong. But don't just make up shit to feed into some woke/pc bashing as it clearly isn't true and doesn't help the argument at all.
  11. Absolutely agreed, although as @Bairnardo has pointed out this is more a calibration problem as part of the effort to balance the equally unhealthy standards placed upon women historically. Obviously this needs to be corrected. But it is not evidence that: We live in a world now where we are terrified to point out something as obvious as "being overweight is unhealthy" in case we offend people
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