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  1. Falkirk fan here not happy about being in league 1 this year but looking forward to playing you guys have a few rovers from when I used to live in Glenrothes seen a lot of good games between us live in the USA now but I hope we win the league and I Hope you guys come up with us sending dunfermline or Morton down
  2. Like what we've signed so far should walk that league with 2 half decent guys upfront that's what we are missing now
  3. 14 players leaving they all deserved to go that was the worst championship in years and they weren't good enough to keep us in it
  4. If Mckinnon does go and I don't think he will the only names for me is a Mark Kerr and Lee Miller partnership 2 guys win a genuine affection for the club
  5. It should be all the successful leagues have 20 teams in them playing each other twice but sadly it won't happen
  6. I'm 3000 miles away in the USA and even from here I can see that we played for draws instead of going out to win games I remember a Falkirk team getting relegated under jeffries and that team got applauded of the park every week because they played attacking entertaining good football and actually tried to win games the fans can accept going down if the team is playing attacking football which sadly this teams not
  7. I agree with you he shouldn't be happy like I say we should have attacked teams played 2 strikers and Robson out wide maybe he'll do that next week but we do still have a chance albeit a small one
  8. He's right we do have a chance but we should have been safe weeks ago if we had played attacking football instead of playing for draws which have absolutely killed us still not giving up hope
  9. I think Ray is doing a good job but if you don't attack teams you won't win very many games
  10. I really believe if we had played Robson wide left and 2 strikers and had a go at teams we would have turned a lot of our draws into wins and would have been safe by now
  11. No excuses nothing other than a win will do Robson wide left and 2 strikers please
  12. I think we will go from now till our last 2 games undefeated big question is how many wins we get as opposed to draws
  13. Would love to see Rudden and Jarvis both starting won't happen though
  14. Get a result on Tuesday and beat Partick next week and things will look good
  15. Lol typed wrong key Rudden and Paton no need to eat your slippers
  16. Huge game on Friday I actually think a 2 0 win for us Ridden and Paton scoring
  17. Huge game tomorrow a must win in my opinion as I can see Patrick taking something from county
  18. What's the point of a loan if not ready for the first team
  19. Forget that apparently Rudden suspended so Jarvis up front on his own I would like to see 2 up front but anybody's geuss who that would be
  20. I would like to see Jarvis and Rudden up front on Saturday please
  21. I'm not a big fan of loan signings either but the team was so bad that Ray had no choice I just worry that if we stay up and I think we will there will be a whole new team again
  22. Bobby Russell anybody remember him he was bad
  23. I'm a Falkirk fan I think we will stay up I hope you guys do as well
  24. Great 3 points yesterday nothing to fear against Dundee United in our next game I can see a top 6 finish which would be amazing considering we had a team full of shite for half a season I was at the Dunfermline game in October don't see much of Falkirk now as I live in the USA and we have come a long way since then I go all the way back to the early 70s watching Falkirk and that was the worst performance I ever saw from any Falkirk team Ray is doing a great job
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