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  1. Which sea or ocean is the deepest? Get it in there and bury this crackpot idea for good. If I am in Elgin or Arbroath for example, I have absolutely no desire turning up to watch Elgin or Arbroath playing the OF colts. Why should Scottish football bow down to the requirements of the OF? They are habitual pickers in Scottish football, historically if they play a team and someone shines against them, the rumours begin, upsets the players, Oh the OF are interested in signing him. Get this idea in the bin for good.
  2. I don’t think you would be alone. People are so fed up with this constant tinkering. Simples, leave well alone, before they drive more supporters away. I know several supporters of different clubs, they are not interested in the OF colt teams joining the league, sorry should I say gaining a free ticket into the league. And why should any team, club be admitted, unless through the promotion, play off process.
  3. Absolutely shocking. So, they did not have the decency to get in touch with Elgin? Agree , get this in the bin.
  4. Aye fair point. Forgot we beat Hibs at Easter Road, two weeks back.
  5. Full match on BBC Alba. 1800 For anyone that wants to watch! 😎
  6. I am being perfectly honest here! Not taking the p..h. For Aberdeen to progress, they need a complete clear out. 80 to 90 % of that squad would not have go into an Aberdeen team if the 80s or 90s As for Cosgrove, if you get an offer take it, he spends more time diving than trying to honestly win the ball. As for the boy Wright, take the money from Rangers for him if that’s his best effort.
  7. Not that long since County beat Celtic 2-0 at Parkhead. Are Celtic the biggest club in Scotland? These things happen in football. Mind you, seems to happen quite frequently to Aberdeen.
  8. 100% Agree. 4-1 Yes that was the score. Also the odds for a County win. Thanks very much Aberdeen, please come back and play like that again. 😜
  9. What is it with throw ins? Aberdeen awarded one, it went out in their own half, by the time it was taken they were halfway into County side. Aberdeen have been stealing yards the whole game.
  10. What a waste of a corner. Please if you are practicing that at training, give it up, it’s not working.
  11. Hopefully stabilise things a bit. Another cheap give away by a midfielder!
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