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  1. Some of them are obsessed with County. Got to hand it to them, good taste.
  2. Honestly, I don’t know the answer, not hearing any rumours on the responsible person. Honestly again, from a personal point of view I have never ever heard this sort of thing in the area I normally sit. In the recent case, it clearly did happen and does require to be addressed. Not that it should be an excuse, but, judging by the people there, they are young immature males, they have to understand that it is not acceptable behaviour. Why would anyone record this and then post it, beyond me, immaturity springs to mind. We are fairly blessed in the Highlands in that this type of behaviour is extremely rare, but there are some elements that leave the Highlands on Supporters Buses and do conduct themselves in that way.
  3. Absolutely no confusion or deflection. We need to root out sectarianism. Not sure what part you don’t understand? Quote of the year, already awarded you you. Championship thread is calling you. And don’t forget to call out your own club for their disgusting comments towards the Kilmarnock player. Cardle is Majic Only thing worse than a thick poster is a poster who is thick and thinks they’re intelligent
  4. Yes. Now please toddle back to the Championship threads. You have a game tonight. Perhaps if some of you concentrated on the behaviour of your own fans behaviour, the recent game against Kilmarnock, and the constant heckling of a certain players family was disgusting.
  5. Unfortunately, you do have a tendency to overdo it! Quote of the year from . Cardle is Majic Only thing worse than a thick poster is a poster who is thick and thinks they’re intelligent
  6. Hopefully this will be sorted out, and the person guilty is caught.
  7. Short memory. Scottish League Cup this year. You were quite happy to be awarded a 3-0 win over covid hit Ross County.
  8. Agree with your second sentence, club have to stamp this out. First one, definite Dingwall accents? The drums are beating, possibility one of the instigators is from further afield. I will apologise if my source turns out to have given incorrect information. A lot of comments on this site automatically use the words from Glasgow when judging OF supporters. Sadly a lot of the troublemakers come from cities, towns and villages outside Glasgow. I guess it’s wanting to be the big man mentality. On the journey to games they get so tanked up on whatever, all the bigotry and bile spills out. Having said that, judging by the faces in the Jailend section , they don’t appear old enough to be drinking, then again, you ever know .
  9. No excuses for this one. Very sad to hear sectarian shouting from Ross County Supporters. The group need to be spoken to, and told quite firmly this is not acceptable. I take it was one individual? Requires a ban. I have never hear this sort of thing before at a County game, let's hope we never hear it again.
  10. No defence here, no excuses. The sectarian comments made towards Celtic players should not be tolerated. If your team gets beat, it has to be accepted , don't start shouting sectarian abuse just for the sake of it.
  11. Yes, just as I thought. Never mentioned defending the Manager. So, stop making things up.
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