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  1. The Battle for Europe (or Kilmarnock v Aberdeen)

    Are all Kilmarnock fans monumental virgins who have never even sniffed a woman? Also, Steve Clarke's accent is brutal.
  2. The Battle for Europe (or Kilmarnock v Aberdeen)

    Yep, a player who earns 3k a week is considerably better than a player who earns 1.5k.
  3. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    No real surprises. Looks like we've sold something similar to the league cup semi, circa 12k. **** will recieve B6, B7 & B8. I'm off to buy a ticket for B5 so I can sing inappropriate songs and act the hard man next to the segregation.
  4. Lewis and Cosgrove off injured. So predictable that would happen given our dismal deadline day.
  5. Livi v Aberdeen

    Aye, both questionable. I do think there was some substance in the first one however. Definite contact made by Kelly but much to his naivety, Anderson did his best to stay on his feet.
  6. Livi v Aberdeen

    Any footage of the two penalty shouts on Bruce Anderson?