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  1. Quite confident we're winning the lot next season. Aberdeen are back baby.
  2. Good to see the banter years have returned and in style too. Strap in for a relegation battle folks.
  3. Striker inbound* *hopefully! Three other clubs in league one after him too
  4. The reaction to Robertson seems way OTT to me. I understand that may me down to the team he supports but people have suggesting he hasn't improved is ridiculous. He's literally gone from L2 in England to the Championship. I'd be happy enough with him back.
  5. Is Allan Russell still set to become striker coach for us? Just thought he will have gone from working with Kane etc. to absolutely nobody as we currently don't have any strikers signed up for next season.
  6. Looking forward to being more involved in this thread. Aberdeen are back.
  7. Looking forward to the 2021/2022 relegation thread. Top flight football, it's been nice knowing you.
  8. Neil will probably end up at Salford now. Fairly confident our new manager/head coach will come from the states. Whether that is Glass remains to be seen.
  9. The Scottish Cup game gives me the fear so you might be right
  10. I think the criticism of McLennan is unfair. The only player to complete two key passes and two successful crosses for us yesterday. He's been mismanaged as he hasn't been given scope to play in his preferred position enough. He's played RWB too often and although the majority will see him as a winger, I still feel he'd be a better striker that what we have. Speaking generally, too many players are going through the motions. Definitely a bottom six/nothing to play for feel about yesterday. The Scottish Cup resuming hasn't helped us as supporters. It would be quite nice thinking that there were only 5 games left.
  11. I suffered from terrible amnesia on the 11th. Just remind me what happened. I hear there were tears from the maroon end of Edinburgh?
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