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  1. Halfcutninja seems a good candidate for the role. Send in your CV min!
  2. I'm not suggesting we'll sign him, as someone has alluded to. I'm just interested to see how his career shapes up. Granted, his defensive statistics are buoyed by Accies having to defend a lot this season. Even then, to be streets ahead of everyone with interceptions made and to be 3rd with tackles won is pretty impressive.
  3. What's the script with Odoffin? Out of contract and presumably no chance of staying with Accies? He was amazing on Saturday. I was keen to keep an eye on him after reading he is first with interceptions won in the whole league. Very talented and would be interesting to see how far he can go.
  4. Really like that post, 10menwent2now. It's the formation and the fundamentals that come with it that's causing us problems. Like you've said, we're continuing to play players out of position to accommodate it. During the McInnes tenure, we've always been reliant on scoring goals from crossing. Something we did exceptionally well from the early days. Particularly Hayes and McGinn playing as wingers when they were given the opportunity to collect the ball in the final 3rd and attack a potentially isolated full back. With them playing as wing backs, and this applies to Kennedy, Mclennan etc. They receive the ball far too deep which in turns takes us longer to create an opportunity. At the moment, we're crossing the ball when the opposition are in a decent defensive shape. On top of that, if our wingers are already in an advanced position and have had to move the ball on. We then rely on Hoban, McCrorie, Considine having to make crosses and it's just not their game. I don't think it's our strikers that's the problem, it's our chance creation. Far too many times our final ball hits the first man, is over hit or is put into an area which is already heavily defended.
  5. Looking forward to us going with 3 centre backs against the worst team in the league. 0-0.
  6. St Johnstone FC - The real force in scottish football
  7. Suggestions of catching Hibs is ludicrous. Our last set of back to back wins was in December. Fully expect us to squeeze over the line into 4th having amassed 2 more wins and scoring 5 goals in the remaining 7 games we have left. What a time to be alive.
  8. It's a tactic that never worked during Taylor's first spell here. Just causes more chaos than anything good. McInnes never learns.
  9. I think Taylor being up front for the latter stages of the game there sums McInnes up nicely. Clueless.
  10. Probably unpopular opinion but I think the top 5 positions aren't going to change. The gaps between all teams involved are too significant to overhaul given the amount of points available. As a result, if I were in charge, I'd rather see Ross, Virtanen, Ngwenya, Ruth, MacKenzie etc. get extended playing time. How do we know they'll be good enough when there's going to be a big reliance on youth next season? Delighted to see Campbell nailing down his place in the team, he's been brilliant in the past few games he's started. McLennan too has also got to be starting. I understand the argument that he lacks a footballing brain but he carried the ball 20+ yards numerous times yesterday. When was the last time anyone did that for us? I'd rather these boys got a game as opposed to McGinn who was painful to watch yesterday. 2nd oldest starting XI in the league, some of which we can't rely on to start every game due to fitness and their history of injuries.
  11. Slightly better but still lots of issues. Inability to score from open play still evident despite going closer than in previous weeks. Still question marks over particularly individual performance too. Campbell and McLennan were brilliant today.
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