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  1. On the contrary to some it may seem. For me, that's one of the best 3rd round draws there's been in a while. Two non league teams guaranteed, lots of league teams drawn together. Going to be hard to pick a TV option.
  2. At the risk of being doom and gloom after a brilliant result. Our injuries are becoming a massive concern once again. Do we know whether the likes of Campbell and McLennan are fit?
  3. Was about to post the same thing. Big step in the right direction. His work is very good.
  4. I think in essence, Cormack has used this season almost like fantasy football. Getting all these names that he likes staff wise and player wise and throwing them in together. Doesn't always work in the real world. Good at the off field stuff but he needs support with the footballing side of things.
  5. Whoever comes in after Glass won't have it easy, whenever that may be. I'd like to think we'll have someone new in this week. If we do, our new manager will take charge of an incredibly unbalanced team. It's not often we're this far into a season and I don't know what our strongest team formation wise and player wise. Too big a squad, too many players who can play a similar role, particularly in midfield. Worrying, I am uneasy about this season. No one is ever too big to go down.
  6. I think we're going to struggle this season. I think Glass has a formation and plan he wishes to use but it clearly doesn't work. Stubbornness much like McInnes to change it will cost us. I'm not overly convinced Glass knows his strongest team either. Given the lack of width we've got, I think reverting back to a three at the back formation with wing backs is the way to go. May stop us from conceding so frequently too. Like some have said, this has got the hallmarks of a Skovdahl/Paterson feel about it.
  7. First season in years where I would struggle to name who starts tomorrow. What's everyone's preferred XI for tomorrow?
  8. Anyone concerned about our finances? Our wage bill must be higher than last season!
  9. I'm on the contrary to a lot of people with this opinion but I think 12.5k tickets sold is a terrific effort. We've had 9 competitive games between the 22nd July and 22nd August. That's a lot of cash spent on tickets, PPV, merchandise, travel etc. Big ask of fans given the financial predicament some will be in on the back of this pandemic. Lastly, I think we'll be pretty close to selling out. Usually a massive rush a day before and on the day.
  10. Poor home support from Hearts today. Giving it the "Piper Alpha" chat too. ****, min!
  11. Enjoyable game. Got the feel of a tight league this year.
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