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  1. You actually believe i'm ' researching' your clique ?... and my heads gone ... The fact that you admit being part of a clique is a teensy teensy clue to the bullying , dough heid. You know the script anyway so I won't bore the other posters with the details. Too late, I hear : (
  2. White knight of righteousness... aye that'll be me. So says one of the wanna be group of bullies which virtually decimated the Morton forum with all your pish.. to be fair the mods gave you free licence to to that and they've reaped the benefits. Jog on coach...
  3. Wake/Ryder... thoughts immediately jump to VT for some reason ?
  4. Was quite enjoying this thread with all the debate about your board etc ( up until the horrible twist at the end of the plot obviously) All I have to say is that your board has carried out a surgical double strike in getting rid of wee pudgy and bringing in the manager from joint top of the league for which they should be commended. They have totally swammied our board ... particularly if there's no compo. It simply confirms that the GMFC board are the imosters here ( and that Ray who may well be a decent manager, is also a duplicitous rodent. Looking forward to our first meeting at Cappielow. Suspect that Ray will be bringing a flask for his half time cuppa. PS can we now borrow that list of diddy managers from a few pages back. Conveniently Duffy is somehow missing from it. Madness !
  5. Agree about hospitality . The staff appear to be on a short leash when it comes to supplying the 'free' drink. A marked difference when you're on a pay bar... they're round you like wasps. Doesn't stop me doing hospitality but the ' paisley man' approach to the free bar service is a bit irritating.
  6. Exactly. That pair of incestuous tits ... VT and Toby... regard 99% of our ex players and managers as snakes. One of their endless vendettas involves our Kitman ffs ! The grudge brothers lives are snake infested for whatever reason.
  7. Just keep the picture but change the strip. Confuse the f**k out of everyone. Good luck to big Rocky, sad to see him go.
  8. A complete hypocrite , given your own shameful record of backing up your racist mate. I can understand , to an extent, your exhibition of repetitive behaviour (which is there for all to see) ... But to keep harking on about ONE alleged incident while you continue to support a serial offender is completely bizarre. Dr strange indeed.
  9. You keep going on about this ONE alleged post. Conveniently forgetting that you showed your true colours when your associate ( guilty of scores of racist , homophobic posts and other forms of offensive material) was reported to the .org mods. You thought it was a good idea to pursue an anti grass campaign. Like yer mate toby you expose yourself as a supporter of such behaviour and a grade A hypocrite . Keep up the good work.
  10. Partick are getting Livi -ied into the championship. Hopefully.
  11. Regardless... it' s good to see the club showing some enterprise and forward planning. That is surely seaside league pricing. Uh oh.
  12. Quite a lot of ton fans were dubious when we signed Harkins but few could argue that he ended the season as our POTY. In addition to his silky side he' s not shy to put the boot in and dispossess players - leading to the other players naming him the teams 'hard man' in the official site's interviews. (Not a side of him i was aware of previously) Hopefully he stays fit and injury free for Queens. Thanks for the season, jeebs, all the best for the future.
  13. Hopefully all will be revealed soon Col. Interesting point about McManus tweet - which was rubbished by JD. Maybe he had no intention of walking right enough, and the decision was made for him. ( by whoever)
  14. First off... has there been any mention of Tam Oware going to Hertz ? 're the board changes... I'll be very interested to hear Crawford's statement. He's had over a decade to pipe up with some form of statement of intent. Is he off the leash now... or is it just a load of twaddle to keep the discontent at bay ? The Raes have done their bit. Time for new blood.
  15. If Hawke had been on the bus you'd have been charged £6.20.