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  1. Looks like it’s the season for famous second leg come backs! C’mon the Loons [emoji106]
  2. Great result. Jim enjoyed the win too. Lewis Moore making that position his own and Coupe played well and defended well once he came on. Baird’s first touch is horrendous! Looking forward to the highlights and Dick’s interview [emoji23] Happy with the result and the delay to the Smokies party. Well done Forfar [emoji106]
  3. Great result. Could have been 4 If Dale and Brad buried their 1v1’s. Forfar giving away possession for fun today too, fortunately Raith didn’t do more with it. Brilliant win though, well done the Loons! [emoji106]
  4. Lets get back to business here. Brilliant three points for the loons. The team played like a team. Chased every ball and looked determined. Hilson’s goal was an absolute screamer and look forward to seeing it again. Thought Easton played a much much better game today, very influential and was definitely an asset. Thought he meant business once he came on and realised he’d had a haircut and a shave [emoji23] Irvine and spencer did a good job in midfield, surely Riley has a job on his hands getting a game? Brilliant result, surpassing my expectations so far this season. Should have absolutely no fear facing any team at the moment. Credit to Jim and the team. Mon the loons!
  5. Solid performance today and a great result. Well done to the Loons. Nothing to fear from anyone in the league. Roll on Montrose next week.
  6. Two brilliant goals. Baird’s only decent touch of the game and it goes in. Forfar definitely seemed to struggle today compared to last week. Some comedy acting performances from Raith, pretty poor to be honest. Wedderburn is a cheat.
  7. Great result yesterday. Both goals were superb. Their football is actually good to watch at the moment. Bain always threatening and Coupe working hard again. Back 4 solid and impressed by Eckersley too. Easily McCallum’s best performance this season. Wonder if the little drummer boys will be going to Kirkcaldy next week? Think the team appreciated the noise!
  8. THINK he was released in the summer if I’m not mistaken. Shame though as he was great to watch on the wing before he got injured.
  9. That was just for the cup and has been retired already [emoji106]
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