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  1. See u can be nice don’t always have to be the class clown big Man U too have a great weekend that’s if the heads not too sore this morning
  2. 100% fella just can’t see the issue with stating facts as u say great achievement getting there was fortunate enough to experience it last season
  3. No ones getting into a slagging match mackie only answering the boys question
  4. Behave ?? stop kidding yer sel on and answer they guys question Or you denying the fact fallin have folded in the past ? Why try deflect the question in answer and worry about our team ??
  5. Answer to your question mate yip they have folded a few times the current fallin team have reached the east final for the first time hope that helps out 👍
  6. Sandys 5-4 braehead some game for the neutral end to end stuff
  7. He played a suspended player in the Scottish and got caught and got banned
  8. Is bob not suspended from all football ??
  9. Said it from the start that would be the final
  10. Said from the start of sandys and fallin don’t get drawn Against each other that will be the final
  11. Fraz_1311


    Getting boating now 💤
  12. Fraz_1311


    Many times u need telt pennies and cp are both gone no away back tae yer sister ya muppet
  13. Fraz_1311


    First half was all about giving boys game time with 9 changes from sat and yet again we gave away the first goal yip steins played some passing football first half if we started our starting 11 thing it would have been much different
  14. What makes you think that Donsey ?
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