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  1. How was the trip trough ? Not long eh lol
  2. No be this year we’re suspended
  3. Good result for yourselves Also fella
  4. I would like to hope so cp have only played 1 game lol
  5. Very poor quality of players and a very bad start
  6. Steins are very poor this season mate think manager will be lucky to see Christmas fallin have strengthened well this season hopefully another good run for us too lol
  7. They got Armadale mate tie 12
  8. Get your facts right first before you post ya clown PENNIES are no more bawsoot is 100% correct for a change lol many teams in leafa play out with the eh postcode this has been a personal attack but as sa2019 says we will jump the hurdle and get on with it
  9. I think there is a lot of bitterness or jealousy for a better word on here phildo and dinsy should be congratulated for keeping the amateur game going who cares if it’s an existing or new team both are putting a lot of time and effort into keeping the game going and trying to make the leafa association stronger well done guys
  10. If you protest make sure it’s 100% in accordance with rule 24 was the reply
  11. You can put your rod away no bites ya ballon
  12. Judge for yourself 72E50443-013B-4136-9D1E-D90286DC8E54.MP4
  13. All the rest are 781F5803-6DEA-47B3-B35D-62433C7F86DD.MP4
  14. Exactly mate piss take
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