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  1. Absolute cloud cuckoo land. Surely those in the Lowland League will not fall for this utter pish.
  2. Mate went to a pub/restaurant on Friday. You have to come in the main door and walk through the restaurant area to get to the drinking marquee and come back the way if you want to go to the toilet, They had to sit with a soft drink while eating their meal while a few yards away people were chucking booze down their throats. Just how the f**k can Sturgeon and her motley crew justify this? On a side note I saw in the paper yesterday that there are hopes that the minimum price per unit for alcohol will rise to 65p per unit. Why are we, the majority, constantly being hammered for the actions of a minority? With the SG it appears if you are in a minority everything will be done for you but if you are in the majority then f**k you no one cares about you but give us your vote anyway.
  3. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/jason-leitch-forewarns-the-big-24019105 And yet on any given day some supermarkets will have more people, inside, in them than there will be in some of the 2nd division grounds which are open to fresh air Just tell us we should be in permanent lockdown, all businesses and industries can fold, no travel, no drink, no enjoying yourself unless you go to church. It would appear that all the efforts going into vaccinations and been futile and a complete waste of time and money. It is time this arsehole and his sidekicks were properly challenged in the supposed Adult Conversation we were promised.
  4. The SG paid £500K up front for hotel rooms to be used for Quarantining incoming passengers. Have yet to see any figures as to how many people have actually been quarantined.
  5. Had some great stuff and some not so good in Cambodia. Did not dig the fetus egg but some of the bugs were tasty.
  6. His is not a colourful character he is a dangerous, lying, twisted imbecile who has no conception of right or wrong and who will never take responsibility for his behaviour. The more he gets away with the more dangerous he becomes.
  7. and this is how it will continue till polling day. Any wonder people are getting fed up with it. Same old same old.
  8. Any idea why she is not appearing on Question Time tonight? Keith Brown in her place along with Douglas Ross, Anas Sarwar, Willie Rennie and Lorna Slater.
  9. Better still try hauling the drawers off them - they will be out of bed in a flash. And on the odd occasion you may get lucky - win win situation.
  10. Congratulations easily best team in the league - pity the fans were not there to celebrate it.
  11. All about power - do not allow people to think for themselves - do as I say.
  12. Yet the drive for independence is still on. What are we going to have left in an independent country? No travel industry, no hospitality industry, no entertainment industry people in perpetual fear from the latest, possible, might be variant.
  13. Devi on Breakfast time spreading woe again. Sturgeon will have us back into lockdown after the election.
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