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  1. Tommy Hoban should’ve been sent off, so wouldn’t quite say it was justice with that
  2. Mccrorie has been nothing short of a disaster for Livi. Had an amazing debut but since then it’s been very disappointing. Fair enough he makes some good saves every game but if he chucks one or two in as well at the same time he’s not good enough. Expected a lot better considering how highly rated he was when he came to us. Kelly the far better keeper comparing both of them when they were at Livi, was surprised that it didn’t work out at QPR, but now seems to be back to his best at Motherwell.
  3. Some header for his first goal, as good as they get.
  4. We’ll let you win if Regan Hendry signs a pca with us before Saturday, sounds like a good deal to me?
  5. All the fans calling for Adams and Dykes to play together but Clarke seems to be fully against it so far
  6. Have to sacrifice a defender, way too much respect being shown and it’s leaving us isolated up top. Get dykes on next to adams, sacrifice robbo or Hanley and move tierney into cb or lb
  7. Since Livi returned to the top flight they have won this fixture 3 times, while hibs have only won 2 times, therefore livi currently rule the lothians
  8. I for one am very surprised that the game plan of playing hoofball right onto Ricki lamie’s head has not worked. Should’ve been 2/3 down in the first half. The 2nd and 3rd goals are clearly errors from the officials but we really can’t have any complaints, should’ve still dealt with them better, been absolutely terrible.
  9. Feels like in the past month we’ve completely changed from trying to win every game, to trying not to lose. Just feels negative. I’d like to see us have a go here, start Kabia, and Sibbald back in for one of Holt or Bartley.
  10. Having to listen to St Mirren’s commentators for this one season as the livi equipment is having a mare. Would definitely disagree with them that St Mirren have been the better side, not been much in it really, we’ve maybe edged it with some dangerous crosses. Very much limited st mirren but way too much space given up for their goal and some strike too. Clear foul for our freekick for our goal, but they were raging about that which was a good laugh.
  11. We need goal line technology, but I’d pass on VAR
  12. Can’t help but ask why the game is on a Tuesday and not the Wednesday
  13. Thought martindale’s subs were very good last night, all really helped pile the pressure on in the last 15. Robbo being a nuisance involved in both goals. The game suited JET a lot, didn’t have to press and chase back much and was getting a lot of time to bring the ball down to his feet and play. Sibbs also had a big impact in the general play and first goal, and then young Kabia obviously getting the goal.
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