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  1. Anyone know a good site or accommodations for bookings with free cancellations? Most places seem to be wanting full payment about a week before the booking which is obviously an issue.
  2. When Chris Sutton is saying Livi were denied a stonewall penalty, you know Celtic got away with one
  3. Didn’t think it was a red at the ground, but not the best view. Embarrassing reaction from the utd player
  4. Yeah first goal Lewis got beat at left back and the ball whipped to the back post to someone in acres of space who simply cut it back. To say there’s nothing that can be done about a player being left free at the back post is a strange take, less ball watching and more awareness of where that man is completely prevents that player having so much space and time in our box with the ball. Almost a carbon copy for the second goal, except instead of scoring when they cut it back, Williamson just fouled him instead. It’s not exactly going far back when it’s literally the pass that leads to the player winning the penalty?
  5. All 3 goals coming from a hearts player being left in acres of space at the back post, school boy stuff
  6. Thought Lewis played pretty well, any passing move we had in the first half he was involved in. Montano defensively looked the weak link to me, a yard off the pace leaving penrice with two men, many times in the first half. Think Lewis perhaps took the brunt of montano not covering well enough defensively. Could’ve been because davie was on the far side of the pitch and couldn’t see quite how big a gap montano was leaving down the wing.
  7. Fixtures are pretty brutal for this month again, need to get a result against Dundee. Then, maybe we can hope for our typically good home form against Celtic to continue this season. And then Rangers and hearts away, not fun.
  8. 5”10 Omeonga will slot in comfortably at Cb, I don’t see what all the panic is about…
  9. How did anyone at livi look at Sean Kelly and decide he was good enough for this level, questionable recruitment to say the least. Limit hibs for 45 minutes to no chances, Kelly on for 1 minute and chucks a goal
  10. Can he play centre back? Or only in midfield with our other 20 midfielders?
  11. Not sure how Martindale is the only one who doesn’t realise that we need another cb. Both Lithgow and Ambrose better than Kelly, yet we let them go. Can’t defend a set piece to save ourselves.
  12. He made 2 great saves in the first half, one from a break of the ball where kiltie really should’ve scored all the time and space in the world 12 yards out, and another from a long ball over the top to brophy where he came out quickly to close him down. Apart from that, he didn’t really have anything to do in the game, and then he made 2 great penalty saves.
  13. Don’t imagine we could afford lafferty tbh, someone will make him a better offer than we can afford. Afaik the vote on plastic pitches would have to involve all 42 teams therefore it would never get passed.
  14. Not sure if this is the best thread for it, but didn’t think it warranted its own thread. Does anyone know if there will be big screens/events put on to televise the Scotland games for the Euros in Edinburgh or Glasgow? Not really seeing a lot advertised, assuming many places aren’t completely sure what’s going on with restrictions. Previous tournaments there’s always shots of countries like England and Ireland televising their games outside on big screens with massive crowds.
  15. Tommy Hoban should’ve been sent off, so wouldn’t quite say it was justice with that
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