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  1. Think you need to stop tarring people with the same brush, clearly stated Spence done well on Saturday on my post prior 🤷🏻‍♂️ and cannot think of a time I'd debated the midfields lack of creativity. Aslong as we win on Saturday I couldn't give a monkeys who played in which position if a win means a harmonious gone fishing and 1320 up front I'd take it.
  2. Agree Doris should start up front Spence done well on Friday a lot of running but seemed to only have a few touches despite that! Made more apparent after re watching on tv. ( But all of us better watch saying that - 1320lichtie might start calling us all bias 😂🙈 ) A game I might of been dreading at the start of the season I'm now buzzing for!
  3. I thought the first half we looked great, TOB and JT both stand out for me tonight. Lagged a bit the second half but what can you expect, especially a midweek game. Majority of these guys have had to start at 5/6 in morning to get an early finish to then head straight to Gayfield fighting Friday evening traffic. In that respect I'm gutted we never got the 3 points as it was fully deserved
  4. Forgot we weren't allowed opinions 🙄 also clearly stated I'd start Spence just not Donnelly based on what I've seen but that's biased in regards to Stevie right enough 🤭
  5. Who's biased? I just want my team to continue doing well and believe that's the route going forward. Maybe he wasn't feeling 100% after that knock a few weeks ago but assumed he was as nothing had been mentioned.
  6. Agree with this 100% but how's Doris meant to nick a few goals when he's not even getting on as a sub? I'm happy for donnelly getting the goal last week but realistically speaking he should be our last choice striker in terms of ability - bar the goal he looked hopeless! Is that going to change? We've seen enough now. If I was dick I'd be putting my energy in Stevie and continuing to give Spence a shot before Donnelly
  7. Heard Callum hendry from saints is meant to coming to us on loan? Makes sense on their part now they have may and Wright back. Anyone else heard anything? Times ticking!
  8. Someone was saying at game today that dick was pissed with stevie because other teams were phoning after him? But maybe still a knock too? Strange one imo too so could make sense, although delighted about the goal!
  9. Couldn’t make the game today... what happened to Doris? Was it bad?... by the sounds of it last goal was djs fault which isn’t like him also agree Spence shouldn’t be getting booked 5 mins in, seen the rage come out on him on pitch a good few times now.
  10. Only thing “amateur” is you still going on about this a week later 😂
  11. **** gold - silly modern technology! Stewart was running about like a headless chicken on Saturday at times (similar to Spence) wasting energy then was f****d by 70 mins
  12. Unfortunately you can’t control Mother Nature and electrical faults - there was more than enough stock, that wasn’t questioned, but what was childish was the way some of your fans reacted to the young girls only trying to do their jobs.... Also if they had been concerned enough to ask what the problem was the girls explained the situation well and there wouldn’t be discrepancies! Ps they would of also found out that there was mince and steak pies by 3.40 - mines was fantastic! As for the “toilet” situation... Mother Nature strikes again, it happens - get over it!
  13. Agree that McKenna and O’Brien come in for Wilson and Spence I’d maybe even be tempted to bring in golf for stewart - I’m not convinced by him yet, gave away a lot on Saturday and seemed to get worse as the game progressed.
  14. Spence is looking sharper and obviously can see goals which I’m delighted about but to be fair I could of scored them last night. He would work well playing off someone else but 100% not a lone striker
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