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  1. Fantastic fundraising ideas and good community spirit, can't knock it at all, for my brick and horses
  2. This thread has turned disastrous very quickly, it's only Tuesday Looking forward to this.
  3. What a win, I sometimes feel like I've been dreaming the last few months. brilliant set up, brilliant game, shite weather and I do have a soft spot for sir linn and really confused as to Murphy getting on before him as last time he came off from playing dick told him to get to f**k baffling. Bobby hasn't been on a park for about 4 weeks now
  4. See above, club are very good at keeping us informed as much as they can
  5. Nah he will battle on and always give 100%. On paper I'm a grammar nazi on the world web web it's a different story
  6. With game time he will improve, common factor into his game play throughout the years. as for the "youse" I'm fairly new to technology and trying to be down with the kids, me and Samsung predictive wording don't always see eye to eye
  7. Hilson was decent today, nothing outstanding, our defence really pulled it out the bag for us today. Glad Doris is doing a shift you lot
  8. What a win is all I can say. Play offs for prem here we come!
  9. How's Doris treating youse so far? He will be an Arbroath hall of famer without a doubt. Wishing him all the best at Forfar
  10. If you read further down, no one was being a p***k mate. Simply a misunderstanding, happy Sunday
  11. Guilty pleasures in life and all that all in the name of fun
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