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  1. As the country goes into shut down the pyramid should be put on the back burner until next this time next year so let's hope the sjfa have a plan by then.take care folks
  2. The sjfa have had 3 years to come up with a plan to keep clubs in the juniors but they could even come up with a plan even taking one from this thread would have been a start so clubs can sit round a table and talk about the future of the scottish game at this level so the clubs have took the wheel and steering there own direction they should be applauded for thinking of the future of the game .
  3. It shows everything about the pyramid as many clubs just want away from the cavemen that run the game here in scotland .
  4. It was good to hear Henry mcleish slating the sfa are the dinosaurs at hampden haven't took any of his recommendations on board from 10 years ago dinosaurs indeed ..
  5. This whole thing is just a joke come the day after the 31st march it will be announced as the biggest April fool ever ...
  6. All these non pyramiders trying to find obstacles for clubs is shocking the clubs have met the criteria set by the sfa/sjfa so clubs want to take the next step as they have already spent money to get to that level so shut up moaning and get behind the clubs for the move .
  7. You'll find that the majority of clubs have started the pathway so they meet the criteria that is required and cost of many of the needed things have been met by the clubs .
  8. For the sjfa not to come up with a plan even one from here so the clubs can work from it and debate it is shocking and only goes to show why clubs want a change nothing else TJ hang your head in shame your an embarrassment to scottish football and shows why the game is in the state it's in ar the top .
  9. All this about let mr petrie and Johnston deliver something these couldn't deliver the mail never mind a bright future for clubs in the lower leagues of the game .
  10. I would say they are no traitors just a group of clubs fed up with current situation If others wish to follow on it's fine but these clubs that have spoken out about a move should be applauded not criticised .
  11. If this is true let's get on with it and stop all this chat as talking gers you nowhere action is what's needed it .
  12. Tom johnston seems desperately crasping at straws unless he can move the game it's all change rather than sit still as the scottish game is doing seems to be stuck around the 60s time to move into pyramid system that benefits the game not just a few
  13. SFA/sjfa have had years sort out the game in scotland if they aren't willing to move forward with times then the clubs have to take it into there own hands so the best of luck to both sides .
  14. All this talk about wosl ,sosl ,ll ,and eosl isn't it time the sfa set up a league system that the clubs can vote on not pwg that's like turkeys voting for xmas an outside body setting up a league system for clubs to vote on those that dont like it stay or turn junior those that are for it jump on board I'm sure the system set up will sort its self out in due time but staying still gets you nowhere plus the big thing for the sfa and tj is they stay in charge of the overall game .
  15. The sosl and ll saying no is out of fear of losing clubs to a new set up with a wosl I see teams leaving to join a wosl set up ..
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