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  1. Is the forward Alloa have just signed related to our Rodden?
  2. Kieran McDonald released by accies wanting to go part time again. Would love to have him back.
  3. Fauldhouse game on Saturday has been cancelled.
  4. He’s just signed with ignite soccer agency if that helps
  5. Big fan of centre half’s being the captain.
  6. Playing Gala Fairydean tonight take it they’ll be no updates if it’s behind closed doors?
  7. There should definitely be some sort of public apology made but I won’t hold my breath.
  8. Just my opinion but I’d say Parry, Cuddihy, Livingstone, Cunningham, Gomis and Splaine. Obviously the boys we had on loan McAllister and Jamieson also who I’d love to have back. I’d say Ray Grant is league one level I don’t know much about the others as I’ve not seen them play yet so I’ll reserve judgement on them. Apart from Lyon who I don’t think is but I’d probably at a push rather have him than Docherty.
  9. He might have been a great guy to have around but you can’t be sentimental. Everyone can see that he’s not league 1 level.
  10. He made probably the worst debut I’ve ever seen for us gave away a goal, a pen then was subbed off at half time. I suppose he did get better as the season went on but always looked overweight to me and wasn’t sad to see him released.
  11. Mark Docherty away to Edinburgh if he’s the type of signing their making we just might avoid 10th !
  12. Seems like it will be another few weeks then before we hear any signing news which is a bit depressing. Obviously gives the impression that the players we are bringing in to look at aren’t established which is worrying.
  13. Definitely been 12 days since we made a signing announcement which was pretty uninspiring and a week since Jim Thomson joining the commercial team.
  14. You’s have signed Camny Balyntyne tho and we’ve signed Ross Lyon !
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