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  1. That’s definitely an Avenue we should be exploring instead of these rangers and st Mirren kids that have been brought in.
  2. Take more than that to sort this shambles out 😂!
  3. 3 points each to the teams directly below us and adding 3 goals to their goal difference. Plus whatever fine we’ll get 2020 can get to f**k 😂!
  4. The little optimism I had for this season has quickly disappeared.
  5. Brown, Ferguson and Chapman in that order as the worst I’ve seen.
  6. Great result and hopefully a sign of things to come. F**k the jags 😂😂!
  7. Exact same shocking what would be the procedure for getting a refund?
  8. Disappointing they’ve not been in the game at all.
  9. Absolutely buzzing with that signing never expected it at all!
  10. He played and scored in the cumbernauld United friendly am sure. Don’t think he’s played in any of the other games tho.
  11. Llyod Robertson signs from Aberdeen youth on a 1 year deal. 19 year old defensive midfielder.
  12. Never even knew we were playing till I checked Twitter this morning.
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