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  1. Hope he’s no left Diamond and co. to try and sell the club to potential signings.
  2. There’s Kurtis Roberts official now one year deal.
  3. Only if he brings Amy McDonald to the games.
  4. Just need Kennedy to leave now and that’s the dead wood away.
  5. Alan Troutens been released by Alloa maybe worth taking a gamble on?
  6. Hopefully a long list released on the website tonight .
  7. We ask ourselves the exact same question !
  8. Hopefully that’s the last we see of Kevin Nicol.
  9. Airdrie 2 - Peterhead 1 Alloa 1 - Montrose 2 Dumbarton 0 - Clyde 0 East Fife 0 - Cove 2 Queens Park 1 - Falkirk 0
  10. Yeah agree there is something about him as a player but can’t seem to get a run of games going without picking up an injury.
  11. How many games has Syvertsen managed this season just out of curiosity?
  12. I’d just like to go a summer without signing anyone from Annan.
  13. That was embarrassing am hoping that’s the last I see of the vast majority of that “team”.
  14. Clyde 1 - Airdrie 3 Cove 2 - Dumbarton 0 Falkirk 1 - Alloa 1 Montrose 1 - Queens Park 1 Peterhead 2 - East Fife 0
  15. This is my main worry that it could possibly be rushed through for that one player. I hope this isn’t the case but as we seen earlier with bringing them back am not so confident.
  16. Hopefully we can offload Kennedy and McGrath both of them are honking.
  17. Yeah hopefully lessons have been learned and we can sign a more balanced squad for next season.
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