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  1. I fear with the reduced budget we’ll be stuck with guff like Duffy, Lyon, Fitzpatrick and Smith.
  2. Just seen his twitter it looks like it. No big loss he's rotten.
  3. Does anyone know how long they keep the turnstiles open after kick off? Might be cutting it a bit fine after work.
  4. Already tried Fitzpatrick up top he was rotten. He's a centre back.
  5. What's everyone's thoughts on Norway then? I know he shows promise but he's constantly injured and taking up a wage that could be put to better use.
  6. Generally up until half 2 parking at the stadium (away stand) is decent and free but fills quickly. Not sure elsewhere There is plenty of parking at the ground. There is another car park right next to the away one. Thanks a lot 🔴⚪️⚫️
  7. First time visiting the stadium tomorrow where's best for parking?
  8. Sean Higgins would be in mine you were basically a man down when he started which was surprisingly every week!
  9. Misspelled his name but he was the winger we had that went to Annan after us I'm sure. You meaning Stuart Macolm? Yeah he was rotten but who was the boy bankrupt Barry signed on loan from Kilmarnock with the blond hair? Can't remember his name but always remember him being awful!!
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