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  1. The fans will soon start turning on him if they keep on performing like that.
  2. Only one word for that performance there embarrassing! Wonder what nonsense Lennon will come out with in his post match interview.
  3. Am struggling to remember the last time we had decent full backs apart from McDonald and Linton.
  4. I know i shouldnt be judging him on one game but am getting serious donkey vibes off Jones. Just can’t help it hope he proves me wrong.
  5. Couldnt believe how overweight Docherty looked.
  6. Make the most of it you’ll not be seeing a lot of him.
  7. He’ll do his usual play a handful of games then get injured and be out for the rest of the season. The boys made of Lego 😂.
  8. Adam Proudlock forgot about him! Scored just about every game he played on loan if I remember.
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