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  1. Why?
    Alan not every club thinks the eos is the way forward some clubs are happy staying junior some might change there mind and go to the eos those who stay will have reasons for not going the junior set up is far from perfect but there are many clubs happy to stay in the grade no matter what happens

  2. Anytime i have watched The Hoose this season the big lad Jack has been a standout and was gutted when i heard he had left would like to wish him all the best for the future. 
    The jack Currie of last season was a stand out and he had a superb season this season he hasn't reached anywhere close to that level

  3. With so many rumours ECT I'll be brutally honest and say I haven't a clue what's happening but agreed I personally and I know the club financially NEED the local games.
    Looking at the crowds and travelling expenses with so many long distance away games surely we at least need to be looking into the possibility of moving to the eos

  4. Now that the dust has settled my views on yesterday's game are we collectively had a bad day at the office all over the pitch and maybe the way I set up to play. I'll take full responsibility for the result. We have lost 1 game out of the last 7 I have every faith and belief in my players and will back them to the hilt. At every level teams have off days it happens but it's how you react is the key. If there's any blame or anger towards yesterday's result it falls at my door and I fully accept that. If fans want to have a go at anyone it needs to be me as I believe I have a great sqaud of players and more importantly Men! We now move on and prepare for Carnoustie next Saturday on the road looking to get the 3pts
    Its only one loss stop beating yourself up over it jc we lost to a team who have been playing well. And who wanted it more on the day it's best to look at the positives over the last couple of months.
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