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  1. A and b are better than c option d to join the dutch eredivisie are at an advanced stage the amsterdam coffee shops await
  2. Im not in the know to the potential of the restructuring not getting voted through but it is a must as another season like this one without it would be an unmitigating disaster
  3. Alan not every club thinks the eos is the way forward some clubs are happy staying junior some might change there mind and go to the eos those who stay will have reasons for not going the junior set up is far from perfect but there are many clubs happy to stay in the grade no matter what happens
  4. Big game this weekend against lochee imo the best team in the region by far let's get tore in aboot them from the start
  5. The jack Currie of last season was a stand out and he had a superb season this season he hasn't reached anywhere close to that level
  6. As far as I'm aware fauldhouse will be staying junior next season
  7. The whole thing is a mess sometimes you've got to have a bit of humour
  8. Looking at the crowds and travelling expenses with so many long distance away games surely we at least need to be looking into the possibility of moving to the eos
  9. Brycey get isobel to put your bottle away and stick to the drinking tea
  10. Its only one loss stop beating yourself up over it jc we lost to a team who have been playing well. And who wanted it more on the day it's best to look at the positives over the last couple of months.
  11. Fauldhouse 3 downfield 1 a very good win today and a couple of cracking goals both wingers outstanding today and put in some shift next weeks game could be a cracker
  12. Hopefully a good win and a performance to finish of the year lets hope the weathers kind to us before Saturday mon the hoose
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