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  1. I've seen worse penalty's to be fair though to give Mikey his due he's been on fire this season
  2. Another good display after a slow start once the team hits top form then we'll know how well we can do still much more to come from this group night and day from last season the squad looks so much deeper the less said about Mikey's penalty the better [emoji23]
  3. Outstanding display today looked like scoring every time we attacked some lovely football played the players set the bar today competition for places in the team this season looks alot stronger and the bond between the players is there for all to see
  4. Jack Currie being the one missing today it must be him bad Craic letting down your teammates and club when you are needed most
  5. With the talk of players being paid should the new team not be called lots of pennies united
  6. I mean if the leagues stay the same and the hoose got relegated to the league below hypothetically speaking
  7. The south premier if thing's stay the same looks like a horrible league to play in imo
  8. Climate change have you been to fauldhouse you can have the 4 seasons of weather in a 15 minute spell [emoji23]
  9. While were at it can we just blame JC for brexit as well [emoji23]
  10. A good win tonight especially playing with 10 men for 30 minutes 3 clean sheets in a row is very pleasing as well
  11. I cant see any appetite at all for staying in the super league as it is through financial reasons alone
  12. Likely retention of the super league ? Surely not
  13. Easier to find out where lord Lucan is than the mysterious fauldhouse boy hope yer well brycey
  14. Jeezo mate the hoose are happy with things build a bridge and get over it your club is in the eos doing well the hoose have decided to stay junior and are happy with that no matter if you post every day about how what we are doing is wrong its not going to change anything
  15. Blue Peter badge in the post for you
  16. I agree 2 we are still in 2 cup competitions so alot still to play for and on our day we can beat any of the teams left in the cups though im a glass half full type of fan i always try to find positives
  17. Disappointing result yesterday after starting the game well you can't leguslate for the individual errors that gave away a couple of the goals yesterday time to dust ourselves down and go again as we've still plenty to play for this season
  18. At this moment they can't join the eos even if they wanted to
  19. I don't think alan is allowed near any of the rogue junior grounds who are not willing to bow to the mighty eos masters
  20. Every team when they went to the eos were thinking about themselves us deciding to stay junior for the season ahead is pretty much. the same I'm not privvy to the finances but I'm sure after this season the finances have been hit heavily a season of local derby's next season compared to that isn't a bad thing. talks between the juniors and eos could make things happen in the future so looking that far in advance isn't an issue right now
  21. The club has made a decision for the best interest of the club right now most people agree with it though it was never going to be 100% you guys coming on and saying how the decision to stay is the wrong one isn't going to change anything go support your team like we do and maybe one day we'll be in the same set up as you
  22. All your moaning and bitching about how great the eos isn't going to change a thing I'm afraid long term the eos and juniors might be in together but just now the hoose future lies in the dutch eredivisie with a reserve team conquering junior football
  23. Maybe the people involved in running the club have already looked at the pro's and con's and have decided to stay junior as the benefits to them outweigh going to the eos at this moment I'm all for clubs developing and progressing but if a club has chosen not too that is up to them I'm still hoping for option d and the dutch eredivisie
  24. Have a day off alan ffs lad not everyone at every club wants to go Senior you yourself at one point had no interest in it
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