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  1. You cant make this shit up what way to the eos please
  2. Spyro feeding false information
  3. You dont know me then I moan at every ref supposing they stay next door to me
  4. Aye an Aberdeen ref [emoji849][emoji849]
  5. Fauldhouse utd stood by the juniors when the east teams were all departing for the EOS for what to get royally shafted from the sjfa we weren't looking for preferential treatment just to be treated fairly
  6. Anything less than bod getting thrown out is totally unacceptable in my humble opinion
  7. The camera pic is good have you been getting lessons from wull
  8. The Lanarkshire paper rounds must be bad [emoji14]
  9. Fauldhouse utd manager jon connolly doing a tremendous job in his first management role though I'm not sure he meets the young criteria [emoji23]
  10. The sjfa should throw bridge of don out and give us a bye to the final for all the fox gags we've had to endure [emoji1663][emoji1663][emoji23][emoji23]
  11. With the bridge of don v fauldhouse game off tomorrow due to fox holes on the pitch can anyone think of any other odd reasons for games being off
  12. On a positive note now mr 3 accounts has went quiet a nice journey to aberdeen awaits and a very tough match against what is on paper a very good side mon the hoose
  13. You must have the wrong person in mind anyone that knows me knows I'm far removed from being in any cleek
  14. That must be the conversations you have with yourself and even in them youre an arsehole
  15. Well said spyro [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
  16. Getting behind the club doesn't suit his agenda
  17. All season while we are doing well not a peep of well done lads but as soon as there is a couple of defeats you are on with a massive spoon trying to shit stir whilst making an utter james hunt of yourself do we need to improve on the last 2 games yes but in the main we have the core of a quality team what good does it do for a 'fan' to come on here spouting the shite that you have today
  18. A bit of perspective is needed before the armadale game we were top of the league and had just beaten Thornton away in the cup so for anyone the say the players are a shambles is bang out of order the last 2 displays haven't been great but in November we are still joint top and in every cup competition a couple of additions to the squad are needed though that is plain to see
  19. Superb performance by every player yesterday after missing a penalty and then equalizing early in the second half our heads could have dropped 2 really good goals by dd but matty craig take a bow son he has came on leaps and bounds this year has matured and improved so much some of his saves this season have been exceptional roll on the next round
  20. Good highlights one thing our club is missing is our games being videod good exposure for the club and I'm sure the management team and players would benefit from it maybe one day
  21. Thornton are a good team who will punish any mistakes and we made plenty in the last game though we did have several key players missing it's a cracking game to look forward to but we've 2 big games to come first
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