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  1. Surely to end all the confusion of if the wos didnt want fauldhouse or any other west Lothian teams it would state the areas eligible to apply make things crystal clear
  2. Fauldhouse are attempting a trade deal to become part of north Lanarkshire so were are eligible for the wos league in return west Lothian recieve shotts and a lifetime supplies of bells pies
  3. I personally have no idea what the future holds for the club but it's clear to see that sooner or later choices will have to be made about the future. With all the teams leaving you could see a scenario where you play some teams 5 or 6 times a season even if its local Derbys people will get sick of seeing the same games week after week
  4. Costs are less without all the tayside trips crowds I haven't noticed much change
  5. I've absolutely no idea mate but by the looks of it will be a west Lothian league next season if the rumoured teams move
  6. With the talk of more east teams moving to the eos next season it will be interesting the league set up for next season
  7. Not had an effort on the day ? we got well beaten but I can assure you that we had a couple of chances that you could class as efforts
  8. Its pollok dont get fishy or the atm stops [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  9. I had faith in wardy
  10. East of scotland juniors domination and then more
  11. Fauldhouse utd things we'd like to see in 2020 1. A piece of silverware 2.aiden ward score a goal 3. The midgies at park view to fcuk off for a year 4.vegan food available in the pie hut 5.jon connolly given a lifetime achievement award at the referee end of season bash Happy new year folks
  12. Think your at the wrong man mate Alan hasn't been slating jc anywhere that I can see
  13. Dinny you be getting me started againnnnnnn [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  14. On the voice of junior football podcast one of the hosts say that the eos and the east juniors have come to an agreement for the east juniors to come in at tier 6
  15. I've no idea I'm not aware of anything most information I've seen on here it seems dejavu from last year
  16. Surely all organisations should be more transparent with what's going on as all the talk of clubs leaving or only west at tier 6 or both at tier 6 it wouldn't take much for everyone to say what could happen going forward
  17. What's to stop the east coming it at tier 6 the same as the west ?
  18. JC get on it [emoji108][emoji108][emoji123][emoji123][emoji460]️[emoji1267]
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