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  1. Haha not going anywhere just now having a few days to chill then decide what route I'll go down next. Very disappointed its ended the way it has. But I walk away knowing I gave my everything and more at times but means nothing when your eyes are opened to things
    Rumours the east region referees have been having a firework party tonight recharge your batteries learn from this experience and get back into the game you have so much to offer there will be plenty of clubs who will match the ambition that you have inside

  2. All the best to Fauldhouse utd in the future. My time has came to an end I want to thank everyone for the support in the 3 years. I leave with a heavy heart but my position became impossible to continue in. No slagging matches ect I'll be forever grateful for the opportunity but the time is right to leave
    So sorry it has come to this all the best wherever you go you can hold your head high with the job that you have done

  3. Have to say I will be genuinely excited if Fauldhouse, Whitburn and Bathgate make the step up.
    These for me are the remaining West Lothian big teams.
    If any of those dont, they are finished in my opinion.

    Imagine the scenes in two years time when they finally face up to the obvious and they pitch up, a league below West Calder or similar, who will have pinched all their best players by that time.

    It's not now or never for these teams.
    It's now or too late.
    Couldn't put it any better myself

  4. With the confirmation of Thornton going to the eos today and the talk of the rest of the fife teams leaving staying junior would be absolute madness playing in a west Lothian league and cups probably mixed in with the tayside clubs or the only cups to play for involves the teams in your league only can anyone honestly say that looks like a good league for a team to survive in nevermind thrive

  5. There have been some junior teams that have been anti pyramid that have changed the way that they think I've loved watching the juniors for many years but each year the standard has gotten worse it's a necessity to look at every possible Avenue to better ourselves what do you support the grade or the club

  6. On the closing date for wos applications we could have an election style tv show on BBC Scotland imagine the ratings guest calls from long time lurker burnieman and a phone rant from tom Johnston about wrecking the joonyors and a big map of scotland in the background showing where the new wos clubs are from :) :)

  7. I'm sure you realise that in a system that is based on geographical leagues, each area needs to be defined.  That is why we have a HL/LL dividing line so there is no arguments, no ambiguity. 
    That is why a defined line between EoS and WoS is required, it's no different, otherwise when these situations do occur - and they will - there is a plan in place to deal with it. 
    New dividing line starts at longridge :)

  8. I'm sure that will be made clear once the application process is confirmed in a a couple of weeks.  No point encouraging clubs to submit expressions of interest if they are not going to be accepted.
    A couple of weeks scottish junior fitba will have had 28 more meltdowns alan Camelon fan will try to force more people into his way of thinking and the hoose will be linked to the Estonian first division
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