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  1. Without reading through hundreds of posts till my head hurts what's the latest goings on:)
  2. Every day my head hurts thr more I read this thread some of the talk from joonyor men is unbelievable that some people actually believe the garbage spouted it's like the cult of juniors closing ranks against the wos instead of embracing the great possibilities going forward
  3. Rumours the east region referees have been having a firework party tonight recharge your batteries learn from this experience and get back into the game you have so much to offer there will be plenty of clubs who will match the ambition that you have inside
  4. So sorry it has come to this all the best wherever you go you can hold your head high with the job that you have done
  5. Couldn't put it any better myself
  6. Finest wee village in the land mo's for your pizzas brannans for your butchers and friendly folk everywhere just avoid lammies and the dodgy pints
  7. Aye looks about as appealing as watching your parents [email protected]#k
  8. With the confirmation of Thornton going to the eos today and the talk of the rest of the fife teams leaving staying junior would be absolute madness playing in a west Lothian league and cups probably mixed in with the tayside clubs or the only cups to play for involves the teams in your league only can anyone honestly say that looks like a good league for a team to survive in nevermind thrive
  9. Hopefully the club takes note [emoji460]️
  10. Will you the rest of the management team and the players stick around if we stay junior ?
  11. There have been some junior teams that have been anti pyramid that have changed the way that they think I've loved watching the juniors for many years but each year the standard has gotten worse it's a necessity to look at every possible Avenue to better ourselves what do you support the grade or the club
  12. Absolutely no idea silence is deafening
  13. What are you meant to support the team or the grade some people might not like the wos or eos league but you need to do what's best for the club
  14. I might see you tomorrow but please dont bring up the eos the way this is going we could still be playing in the juniors next season with a league that we'd struggle to sign players for
  15. Dont mention left backs and injuries [emoji85][emoji85][emoji85][emoji85]
  16. On the closing date for wos applications we could have an election style tv show on BBC Scotland imagine the ratings guest calls from long time lurker burnieman and a phone rant from tom Johnston about wrecking the joonyors and a big map of scotland in the background showing where the new wos clubs are from :)
  17. [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122] louder
  18. No ones for staying junior at least
  19. All the talks of teams leaving the east region and the west where would fans of the club prefer us to be playing next season 1.staying junior 2 east of Scotland 3 west of scotland league
  20. Theres a sign going up saying fauldhouse twinned with tallinn and brannans butchers are now selling verivorst and other Estonian delights
  21. A couple of weeks scottish junior fitba will have had 28 more meltdowns alan Camelon fan will try to force more people into his way of thinking and the hoose will be linked to the Estonian first division
  22. So people are getting knickers in a twist over boundaries that haven't been drawn
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