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  1. I think what they meant is frightful of negative comments about them before they have even played for us which would affect confidence or something along them lines🤷🏻‍♂️ Expect 8 players named Smith and playing in [emoji624].🤣[emoji23][emoji85]
  2. Apparently players have been signed but won’t make public because of negativity of supporters and to protect the new signings in case they get scared off.🤣 What are they all under 11s.[emoji31][emoji85]
  3. The excitement is palpable [emoji42] May have to concede as we don’t seem to have a team as yet......[emoji35][emoji31]
  4. Just seen our illustrious Chairman and Walla on border news[emoji85] Eyre- we need more people through the gate, he disputes the club have been run badly [emoji85][emoji85][emoji85] We need investment £50k ? £100k for a start, who in the world would trust that mob with 50 bloody pence. Walla- should have got rid of the manager sooner after we got beat 7-1 at QP - should have been sooner. For the love of god you are a director. I just can’t believe these people and we will go nowhere until some people who know about football and business and commercial nouse can get involved. Sorry but you all need to leave immediately for the club to start climbing back up the football hill. Unfortunately if you lot stay that hill is a bloody insurmountable mountain.
  5. Maybe a sort of agent for Brownlie, for after dinner speaking perhaps, also have [emoji101]this.
  6. Ian little was at the Albion Rovers game on Saturday.
  7. I personally would have taken Zippy and Bungle from rainbow [emoji304] So will support whoever till you just can’t anymore because of what is in front of you and that happened some 15 games ago with the outgoing manager and his team. So signed players let’s be having you, please step up to the plate.
  8. The whole board of directors should walk or be booted as you say because they have failed miserably by not getting rid of this joke of a manager and appointing him in the first place. We are now getting this seasons ex players scoring against the worst set of players that has ever worn our jersey. Everyone in office at our club at this time are responsible and have not and are not full filling their duties and know absolutely nothing about running a football club and know nothing about bloody football, and that is the problem.
  9. Our club is dying right in front of all our eyes and if the men upstairs can’t see it (they can’t by the way, cause they also have not one clue) Harvey inherited a ten times better team than he has now and that is his doing no one else is to blame for that him, he dismantled it and brought in non league players from a former non league manager and that is where we are going, if anyone from upstairs reads this if you don’t get rid of him right now you are completely culpable for the destruction of our club and you will have to live with that forever. He has put on the park the worst team ever to wear that shirt and it’s heartbreaking .
  10. Maybe JH should invite 11 fans into the dressing room before the QP game and give them all a bloody shirt and give the headless chickens that normally wear them a scarf and bloody Bovril.🤬
  11. If he had any integrity he will resign. Totally out his depth and clueless.
  12. Thank the lord, now a run of points please[emoji2]
  13. I can’t quite fathom why an official club tweet would be so unprofessional IMO this in my opinion just shows where we are as a club and it ain’t positive at all, yes re-tweets,publicity etc but not on official club social media surely! As to a knee jerk reaction to replace the manager, I am sorry but I wouldn’t trust the blazers to do this correctly anyways. Good luck in the second half tonight though we need points to keep us alive to get better people in place all over the shop in the future.
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