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  1. Archie will do well for Primrose, he's a skilful player.
  2. Tomorrow's unveiling has been brought forward to 11:30 start instead of 12
  3. A big mistake letting him go, must've had a major falling out with Barry
  4. 5aside, a sub, a manager, a physio for each side & a tea lady
  5. They are more than capable of doing that, having been at both the home & away games of Kelty vs EK, I have seen them playing brilliant, flowing, passing football & have managed to put 7 past us in two games. EK are a strong side, no doubt about that & are more than capable of pushing on to the league, something I hope we can strive to do in the near future.
  6. Archie limping off in Wednesday too. Not having much luck just lately.
  7. He's had some, he got concussion on his debut & had to come off
  8. Hoddy wasn't going to get a look in sadly with others either stepping up or joining the club. Can see a few more players going at the end of the season too.
  9. Wouldn't have let Nimmo go either but he's not featured under Barry
  10. I'll agree with that, we were poor yesterday & Star deserved the win. Certainly no argument with that.
  11. What are the entry fees for the following teams home games? Crossgates Primrose Dundonald Bluebell Oakley United Cheers
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