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  1. Fallin will win it all day long now imo.
  2. There is no doubting he is a p***k!!
  3. Where is Henderson never delivers now. Another hyped up season for leafa for f**k all!! LOL
  4. The obsession is REAL
  5. You don’t half talk some shit. Absolute bellend
  6. Spot on with regards to shouts from the side of the park. Obviously elvis baptie has an issue with us for whatever reason. No bad shouts no bad tackles game was played in the fashion you would expect it to be nothing else. All the best to you lot aswell
  7. I think it’s clear to see you are a relative haha you must think we come up the Clyde on a banana boat lol
  8. I could be wrong but I think you are upset about something??. Come on get it out, what’s with the sour grapes?? Without doubt syngenta we’re the better team on Saturday. If you couldn’t see that then should you really be watching football? The Newburgh goalie got the refs man of the match lol
  9. Ffs I couldn’t believe it when I come on here and seen you were still talking about us. Get a life. Your team got pumped from us get over it.
  10. 100% but with 11 men we win hands down
  11. Don’t be putting money on that as past experiences tells me you will be losing it. 6 games 5 pennies wins,1 draw that falling salvaged in the 98th minute. You could be right tho haha haha pennies were pish and fallin are some side tho LOL
  12. We won’t win anything playing with 8 men. Discipline was shocking. No excuses
  13. It’s a shambles that we pumped your team ever time we played you!! Jealousy is a horrible thing. Now f**k off and stop following us like a stupid wee obsessed girl that you are!! If you put as much effort into your own team you’s might win something!! You are a p***k end off!!
  14. What is this a fucking double act. French and Saunders eat your heart out!!
  15. Aye because this is top notch banter right enough. Away to your beds and Dream about all they trophies you have won
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