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  1. It’s definitely not Glenafton I was talking about, it was Blantyre Vics and Cambuslang Rangers
  2. I fully support Kennie he’s done a remarkable job in difficult circumstances,it’s unfortunate that 2 teams have let down the leagues,and should be punished accordingly
  3. Longtime Lurker you say your team are not a pub team,well maybe they shouldn’t act like it,if Glenafton can turn up +the officials +7 Blantyre players ,the rest of your team let the good name of Blantyre Vics down and should face the consequences
  4. Blantyre should be chucked out of the league because of their actions,they’re making a fool of the league
  5. Chris Strain is the new Beith manager,thoughts
  6. Shouldn’t be allowed to happen,it’s not fair to Rutherglen and Largs
  7. Didn’t think you could sign new players until after the AGM or is that going back to the bad old junior days?
  8. Could they not ground share with Kilwinning Rangers as I’m quite sure that it’s a community park
  9. The Glenafton v Irvine Meadow has been moved to the Monday night
  10. I think he’s a better manager now,some of his ideas didn’t work out,but he did okay with Maryhill
  11. Are Beith still looking for a manager? Sounds like a good fit
  12. All wrong,where’s the incentive,Cowdenbeath have played all season to get into this position,relegate them,give other teams a chance to better themselves in the SPFL
  13. Why take the final to a (junior)ground with a PLASTIC pitch?
  14. Reading Gormleys interview with the Record,he said he was surplus to requirements,how can a manager be surplus to requirements,was it Broomhills way of saying,we don’t want you
  15. What’s your thoughts on the talbot situation,who evidently don’t want promotion,are quite content in sitting in this league (which they weren’t keen on)and dominating it,while other clubs like Darvel,Pollok and yourselves are pushing for promotion,our club will hopefully be trying for it in a couple of years time,we concentrated on getting our license,which obviously cost a lot of money
  16. I’m not complaining,my team are safe , I feel sorry for the other teams who are getting relegated,I can guarantee you that there’s not a league in the world who lose over a third of teams to relegation,if you cast your mind back to the season 2019/20 when the season wasn’t completed,and Darvel was going to take the League to court if they weren’t promoted (allegedly)
  17. And who would you play against,Meadow were one of the 1st to say we were moving
  18. All very well,what about the teams in the Premier League to see who’s going down,to lose 7 teams out of 20,ridiculous,should never have happened,all in the one season
  19. 3 draws in a week,you’d almost think talbot were trying their best NOT to get promoted
  20. I think the 1 promotion to the Lowland League is the problem,there are a lot of teams wanting to move on (mine included)but only 1 team can per season,I like your idea of 2 being promoted and the 3rd involved in a play-off,but I can’t see the Lowland League agreeing to it,it’s like a turkey voting for Christmas
  21. Was at the Pollok vMeadow game at Newlandsfield,,wasn’t impressed with Pollok or there facilities,their new toilets,first of all there was no paper towels to dry your hands,then the water coming out of the taps stopped working (so I suppose you don’t need paper towels)(good thinking Pollok)as for their programme,£1.50 for something that was produced in someone’s back room,you expect more from them,but their standards have definitely slipped
  22. Why would they do that,especially Darvel,the amount of money that they have spent,would indicate,they want to play in the Lowland League and progress from there
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