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  1. Strain was commenting about lack of numbers in his team,yet Kemp left before Christmas ,last week Adam Strain joined Cumnock and in the last couple of days Ross Smith has left the club and Davie Anderson has joined Kilbirnie
  2. It’s not just toilets that are required to get your license,1st Aid room,team changing facilities to accommodate,I think it’s 20 players (if I remember Pollocks dressing room)they’re not very big
  3. Unless anything changes Irvine Meadow are playing Glencairn on the 8th of January
  4. Maybe they should concentrate and get their dressing rooms up to a better standard
  5. Brian McGinty announced as the new manager,Stevie Aitchison is his No 2
  6. Strange one,Strain is saying in the local paper that they are really short of players,injuries and suspensions,then they transfer Tony Coutts to Broomhill,I know he would be suspended for tomorrow,after getting sent off last week,but it’s a good quality player away
  7. Bound to be a few games off this weekend
  8. Good to hear that Monti is back playing with the buffs,it’s a pity that it had to come to him walking out to get it resolved,strange that no other team came in for him,maybe they couldn’t afford his wages
  9. The buffs players went down to easy,as if there was a sniper in the stand,you conned the referee all game. From a good source in the buffs camp,Monti hadn’t been paid in 3 months,that’s why he walked
  10. Very gracious,who are you trying to kid,the referee didn’t have a good game,for either team,it’s your own fault if you’re struggling for players,some out on loan,why,and maybe if you paid their wages,then they might stay
  11. Didn’t win the world cup,but when you’ve lost to your rivals twice this season,today made it all the sweeter
  12. That’s the buffs out of the 2 cups,enjoy your season,you’re still a very good team,for us it was 3rd time lucky against you
  13. When the referee is there himself,no assistants,he was quite right to walk off the park,in case he was assaulted,by these loonies
  14. It was still a head injury,even you can’t dispute that
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