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  1. Just wondering since Pollok have a crowd limit of 900 and it’s a bigger park than Kilwinning
  2. Why do you need to know this,he’s not going to answer you,are you a potential stalker?
  3. Has anyone actually said that all sporting events including football are cancelled?
  4. I’m quite sure if they appeal it,they’ll get the 3 points back,did that not happen with Largs last season?
  5. I’d take your keeper,always liked Craig Gordon,was with us at the same time as Sean Newman,his only failing was his kickouts,which he seems to have rectified
  6. Seems Muirkirk have been disqualified from the South Challenge Cup for playing an illegible player,seems it’s a rule for one and another rule for the rest
  7. Disappointed funky monkey,clearly Nicholl shouldn’t have played against us,but it could start a precedence,when clubs play ineligible players and get away with it,on the day yous were the better team and deserved the points,it’s a pity this has become a sideshow
  8. I see Nicholl played against Darvel last night,was that the 2nd of his 2 match suspension ?
  9. I must admit I’m not a Waters fan,but he played well yesterday,with a couple of good saves,your defence is very suspect,they like to push up and leave Darroch isolated,he’s no pace (he’s by)so it was easy for Graham to score his goals,he took them well,but he could have scored 6
  10. He got pelters from the bankie supporters all during the game, and at the end he gave it back to them,they didn’t like it
  11. Buffs have been issued a Notice of Complaint regarding playing an ineligible player last Saturday
  12. He’s certainly signed for them,he was their captain, but I don’t think we should be looking at ways to bend the rules,has trust gone out of the window is it win at all costs,even if it is cheating
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