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  1. Cumnock v Auchinleck score predictions

    5-1 Talbot,an og,with Burns getting sent off
  2. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    He is a BIG goalie,could do with losing a few stones,does take up a lot of the goals though
  3. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    We’ve played them 3 times this season won the 3,some good players in their team,just don’t turn your back on their 1st team coach
  4. Cambuslang Rangers And Manager Part Ways

    That’s the main thing,no one wants to see a team go out the game,especially a team like Cambuslang with such an illustrious past
  5. Cambuslang Rangers And Manager Part Ways

    Funnily enough i thought the same myself,just a change of gang leader
  6. Cabins/Modular Units Free to Uplift

    What are the buffs doing with their covered enclosure
  7. Relegation

    Don’t know how he missed it,but he managed to see our player retaliate,sounds like a coverup
  8. Relegation

    I suppose that's the same at every level of football, though. The current suspensions are not a secret, they are updated weekly on the West Region website. But ongoing disciplinary cases which have (perhaps) been appealed and are not yet decided are not made public knowledge until a final decision is made. Thanks for your reply,i just wouldn’t like to think it’s been forgotten about,as Baillie was the cause for 3 players being sent off
  9. Relegation

    What if you are not a club official,just a supporter who goes to games and likes to see that indiscretions are dealt with
  10. Relegation

    We never see the outcome of these meetings,it seems to come out in dribs and drabs,our game against Troon when 3 players were sent off,the players were suspended,which they’ve served.Haven’t seen anything about Baillie the 1st team coach of Troon,who started it all,any news on that one or is it being swept under the carpet
  11. Irvine Meadow 2018/19

    I was among the Talbot fans and I could hear the half time raffle draw coming over the tannoy,3 prizes £40 £20 and £10
  12. Irvine Meadow 2018/19

    Mackay is playing for Troon,when I say playing he’s substitute most weeks
  13. Relegation

    I still think we need some points to be completely safe,we’ve 10 games left 4 away and 6 at home so it’s in our own hands
  14. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    Talbot must fancy their chances against Ayr,who are going through a spell just now,struggling to get a win and score a goal
  15. Player On Transfer List

    Probably no one,that’s maybe the reason they didn’t play last Saturday against Talbot