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  1. We appealed a red card given to Graham Boyd in a Scottish Cup tie against Darvel,Boydy was sent off for allegedly head butting an opponent,it wasn’t true,video evidence backed this up and the red card was rescinded
  2. I bet you’re glad to get that off your chest,to be honest I would have sacked you after the Cambuslang game when you had to be physically restrained by the Meadow centre half from assaulting the referee .
  3. I hope you’re a Cumnock supporter,and Wilson does get the managers job,you can come on here and humbly apologise for being so stupid
  4. He certainly was a disaster at Meadow Park,his tactics didn’t suit the Junior game,assistant manager at Saltcoats,what was their score on Saturday?🤔
  5. If you want a fighter Baillie’s your man,just don’t turn your back on him
  6. Think you’ve nodded off too long,that was mentioned on Wednesday 😂😂
  7. He waits until you turn your back,Troon won’t miss him,it might even be the turning point of their season
  8. I think the final is at Meadow Park
  9. Good game for a neutral,Troon just edging it ,like Krfc said shocking defending,why did they take off their No11,he ran the Troon defence ragged,maybe being up 4-2 they thought the game was won
  10. Well Mr Blobby,you think the Meadow are mediocre,if your team was missing 8 players i think you would be struggling as well,agree that Cumnock were shocking and i really can’t see Burns lasting much longer as their manager
  11. A very moving and fitting tribute to Matt,a much respected man in Junior football
  12. Is there not any highlights from the Kilwinning game?
  13. Wasn’t clever for both teams but the boy McCrae from Troon twisted his knee in the long grass,probably out for a few weeks
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