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  1. Heard wee McColl was back in the dugout yesterday,Cambuslang you deserve all you get,the man is trouble
  2. Not sure the game has much of a chance of being on this Saturday,park very heavy,with a lot more rain to come
  3. Don’t think he’s been released,says on another post that he’s on the transfer list,didn’t last long at Beith
  4. Wrong site for this ,maybe e-bay is where you should be
  5. He must be a fair age,unless it’s his son
  6. Hopefully they’ll have discussed the debacle down at New Cumnock in the Scottish tie,the punters down there canny get away with it,this time 🤔
  7. Strange that no one has mentioned McColl the ex Cambuslang manager who was suspended,is it due up at the summer?
  8. Maybe i should have put a comma after managers ,committee definitely don’t get paid.
  9. I don’t think any player would not go out and try his best for his team,a player can only do his best and hope to improve,they’re not paid a fortune for training twice a week and playing on a Saturday plus also giving up a good bit of their own time,same goes for the managers and committee members who don’t get paid
  10. Pity you didn’t show Meadows 3 goals
  11. Hopefully they’ll discuss the fiasco at New Cumnock and the game at Renfrew,don’t sweep it under the carpet
  12. Why do the decent Glens supporters call this guy out and report him to the club or the police,stamp it out before it gets a grip
  13. It’s time action was taken against this club,umpteen times they’ve let down the Junior game down with their behaviour,so c,mon sjfa don’t sweep it under the carpet ,show some balls and take action
  14. Gerry Begley does a lot of the Meadow games which is very appreciated especially to the elderly supporters who can’t get to see their team in the weather we’ re having just now,very professional in what he does
  15. We appealed a red card given to Graham Boyd in a Scottish Cup tie against Darvel,Boydy was sent off for allegedly head butting an opponent,it wasn’t true,video evidence backed this up and the red card was rescinded
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