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  1. I wouldn’t think the SFA would condone these (friendlies) I don’t think they would have enough referees or linesmen to supervise the games
  2. I wouldn’t boast about winning the league under what shall we say “dubious “circumstances
  3. I thought McEwan walked rather than being pushed
  4. Wasn’t really what I asked,St Cadocs must have some size of playing squad
  5. Didn’t know you could play friendlies if you had dropped out of the league and cups
  6. Good to watch Meadow v Talbot on Facebook,not as good as being there obviously,any chance of seeing the 2nd half?
  7. Quite possibly this season might be a right off,maybe we should play what we can,have no relegation or promotion and start next season as the beginning,the only trouble is some teams might not survive this season
  8. Local teams,our under 20s, Vics, Dalry Thistle + 2 more i think
  9. We’ve arranged friendlies (they might take place) but there won’t be any spectators allowed in
  10. Could have been,Keenan gets sent off nearly every time he plays against us
  11. Remember Nade getting sent off for Troon v Irvine Meadow for racially abusing one of his team mates
  12. Sounds promising,as long as some clowns don’t muck it up
  13. That’s not the point,why are they training in Scotland,our lower league teams are banned from training just now
  14. I’d like to agree with you,but a lot can happen between now and October
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