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  1. Do we know if anyone from the club was at the pfa Scotland exit trials ?
  2. Is today the day we may finally see some signing news ?................
  3. We need to make a couple of signings asap give the fans some hope I've got no optimism going into next season just now
  4. Anyone heard any rumours about any other players were in for ?
  5. It's the other Scott Robertson a defender that's signed for stranraer not the one that was at us last season
  6. Heard that were in for Johnny court that was at east fife last season
  7. Well that was dire today bit of a dodgy one for the pen from where I was standing it looked like he won the ball can't blame the ref though for our poor performance overall.Big clear out needed in January.We need to winning games like this or we will find ourselves bottom of the league soon at the moment I can't see where the next win is gonna come from[emoji852]
  8. Big changes are needed in January hopefully barry has some players in mind as to who he wants.We need at least 4-5 new players in
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