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  1. I liked him thought he was one of our better players when we were in the championship.Seemed to largely go missing for most of last season though if you can keep him fit I'd think he'd be a good player at league 2 level
  2. Kelty fans we have just signed fionn McLeod kay what's he like ?
  3. Fionn mceloud kay signs ex raith rovers and kelty hearts
  4. Great news about dougie staying happy with that [emoji1] should be club captain next season with pabs leaving
  5. Really liked shagger last time he played with us took a while to get going last time but when he did he could easily find the back of the net will be intresting to see if he's still got it.Will still need a couple of young lads to play upfront with him
  6. 1.Edinburgh City 2.Cove Rangers 3.Stirling 4.Annan 5.Stenhousemuir 6.Brechin city 7.Cowdenbeath 8.Queens park 9.Albion rovers 10.Elgin city
  7. We've just signed Sean mclntosh what's he like airdrie fans ?
  8. Sean mclntosh and Chris McLaughlin sign for brechin city
  9. Sean mclntosh signs that takes us up to 5 players signed for the season
  10. Wonder if today will be the day we see some signing news starting to get a bit worried now [emoji23][emoji17]
  11. Another day nearly done another day of without any signing news [emoji17]
  12. Aye but most other clubs have more than 3 players signed before starting pre season
  13. Thats euan spark away looks like a complete new squad with only paddy o'Neil the one that was at the club before
  14. Really happy with McCord can imagine there will be alot more signing news this week
  15. I'd be happy with McCord and Sutherland if we were to get either of them would be a good start to us recruiting for league 2
  16. Oh dear could be an interesting season ahead then wonder if these so called contacts will come good in the end for Barry and Stevie
  17. Do we know if anyone from the club was at the pfa Scotland exit trials ?
  18. Is today the day we may finally see some signing news ?................
  19. We need to make a couple of signings asap give the fans some hope I've got no optimism going into next season just now
  20. Anyone heard any rumours about any other players were in for ?
  21. It's the other Scott Robertson a defender that's signed for stranraer not the one that was at us last season
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