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  1. Where does he fit in with two keepers we already have unless Barry is gonna rotate round all three for the season ahead
  2. Ross Sinclair goalkeeper signs from st johnstone bit of a weird one if you ask me ?
  3. Not the best performance tonight dont think shagger is suited to playing up top on his own thought mcminn and McLaughlin were our better players tonight.Hope the knock that McCord took ain't to serious
  4. Agree with what you've put there I'd be happy with any position above 10th place priority this season has gotta be survival and stabilising the club.We have gotta do something to break us out of the rot weve been in for the last 2 years.There were plenty of positives to take from the game yesterday despite the scoreline mon the city !
  5. Hopefully get the international clearance sorted this week for watt and McLaughlin
  6. Thought we didint play that badly today there were definitely a couple of positives to take from the game.It looked like we were massively lacking up .Scott reekie looks like a good find thought he played pretty well the club need to get the fingers out there arse this week and get the lack of players situatuation sorted it's a joke that we had to start Barry Smith today.
  7. Wasnt the worst player on the park for brechin [emoji23]
  8. Been unlucky so far Lewis mcminn looks really good in the goals think paddy will will have some good competion for the Jersey this season
  9. Any idea who the no14 trialist was liked the look of him when he came on
  10. Well that was poor tonight hope the knock McLaughlin picked up ain't to bad
  11. Season ain't even started yet and he is already spouting his pish 🤣
  12. Wonder if all of our new signings will be there tonight or will they still be on holiday [emoji848]?
  13. How did other trialists look anyone else set the heather alight ?
  14. That's a sight for sore eyes Jimmy mann and his magic sponge [emoji23]
  15. I see Richard Walker is now physio at berwick rangers who have we got as physio now ?
  16. What a horrendous decision from club about the season tickets what a kick in the teeth it is to the fans who have sat through 2 years of some of the worst football I've ever seen at glebe park. Just shows that committee needs some new blood in it Ken and co's ideas on how to run a football club are clearly outdated
  17. I know we've had a poor couple of seasons but this one ain't even started yet and your already spouting your pish 🤣
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