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  1. Must win for us hopefully we have a couple of new signings before the game
  2. This transfer window is make or break for us I'm sure mick dunlop is a capable player but a 37 year old at the end of his playing career is not what we need.We need a decent creative midfielder and another striker at a bare minimum
  3. Does anyone know roughly how much we have raised with the fighting fund so far ?
  4. Just made my donation to the fighting fund and will be making another at the beginning of January.Really hope the club get enough funds together to get some new players in to help avoid the drop
  5. Thought we were really good best I've seen us play for a long time the link up play McCord really seemed to make us tick today pretty sure he started the moves for both our goals
  6. That 2nd half was probably the best I've seen from a brechin team for a long time onwards and upwards COYR
  7. According to marc Wilson's post match interview he swore at him and got sent off for it
  8. Didint think we offered much today shagger gets my man of the match for us purely on his work rate.ref was honking today for both teams starting to get a bit worried where the next win is gonna come from....
  9. Might be a good shout McKinnon may not have got us promoted but we played some.good football under him and he came from Lochte united
  10. Did we not get ray McKinnon from juniors ? Wouldn't mind us getting somone else like him from the junior leagues
  11. Wouldn't mind peter Houston been giving a shot although doubt he would take the brechin job
  12. I think we all need to stop throwing accusations around what's done is done we have to move on hopefully we will have a new management team appointed in the next two weeks and we all need to get behind whoever that may be (including you citydiehard) we may not like certain members of the committee but who else is there to step in and do the alright job there doing free of charge COYR
  13. Were you in Owen's before the game? a fantastic result for us onwards and upwards still think we need a striker before the window shuts
  14. We really dug out today every member of the team worked really hard especially at the end after we had used all 3 subs shagger was mom never stopped running a most welcome 3 points
  15. Something like this is needed but as orginalhedge said without an alternative plan in place then theres no point the clubs in a crisis emotions are running high with all supporters.Something needs to give sooner rather than later or it will be away days to fort william and wick
  16. Hopefully pick up a point or 3 here definitely need to start with emile and shagger upfront Final score to be 2-1 city with our center halfs grabbing both our goals [emoji12]
  17. Might not have been able to defend but at least we had goalscoring center backs [emoji23]
  18. Cant believe we took kavanagh over Hester.He certainly showed tonight what we missed out on [emoji23]
  19. We weren't too bad tonight individual errors cost us tonight Smith has to go with emile and shagger upfront at the weekend emile looked much better than Crawford.The long wait for a win continues.Out of interest how long are other city fans willing to give smith seems to have lost the dressing room to me.Our center halfs may not be able to defend but at least they can score goals [emoji23]
  20. When does the buck stop of were improving or weve had a few chances.I thought we were really poor maybe marginally better 2nd half put alot of crosses into the box but with no end product very worried man for the season ahead be interesting to know Barry's record since he took over at this rate he is leading us to the highland league !
  21. Worrying times ahead if this is the style of football he is gonna try and play [emoji17]
  22. Why did Barry take off Crawford thought he looked like our only goal threat today
  23. What a diffrence today when we played 2 upfront i thought shagger,reekie and mclntosh were our best players today.Surley we have to start with 2 upfront from now on
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