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  1. Is it time to get rid of wilson in one last throw of the dice to get a miracle worker in who might be able to keep us up?
  2. Team looked like they didint care need to prepare for the play offs now use the last few games to find a system that works
  3. Defensively though we were good one of our best defensive performances of the season how the ref missed it when the keeper handled it outside the box is mind boggling
  4. Call yourself a diehard I've not seen you at any of the past couple of games some diehard you are[emoji1787][emoji35]
  5. We have signed alex petkov on loan till the end of season from hearts
  6. Been told the brechin game is off today however nothing is up on the official website as of yet
  7. That's the supporters club cancelled all remaing busses for the rest of the season [emoji852]
  8. Think jackson and jimmy scott are signed till may 2021 dunno if they would stay if we went down though
  9. I'm sure we spoke to Paul hegarty about the job before wilson got it
  10. Who would come in though to sort out this mess I cant imagine many expierneced managers would fancy trying to keep brechin in the league not with where we are now
  11. Might be a bit harsh in saying this but is it time for mark and stevie to go ? and we spend what's left of the fighting fund on an experienced manager who will motivate us for the rest of the season and the possible play offs
  12. Dont think there would be many managers willing to come in and sort out the mess
  13. Mismanagement from the boardroom level and a couple of bad appointments over the past 3 years have led us where we are today.If we go down we need a complete clearout starting at boardroom level
  14. Probably one of our worst performances of the season were done for now gotta focus on the play offs
  15. Defence and goalkeeper suspect at the goals we conceded [emoji852]
  16. Huge game for us surely must be considered as a must win.Need to make changes to the team from last Saturday.Id have shifty,shagger and inglis on from the start
  17. Hopefully cos right now the unthinkable seems very likely atm need to make changes to the starting 11 on sat.Could this game be the clubs biggest game in its history to date?
  18. Does anyone know if there are plans in place incase the unthinkable does happen?
  19. Well it went from been a tremendous result for us to a morale crushing defeat in a matter of minutes with all our relegation rivals picking up decent results I dont see a way back for us atm [emoji852]
  20. Gutting for morale gonna take a miracle to keep us from relegation now
  21. So far all the fighting fund has done is sign andy jackson would have hoped a few more bods would be coming in
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