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  1. Think he’s joining up for pre season. Probably to see if he can prove his fitness before the offer him a deal
  2. That’s a tremendous signing real statement of intent from the club exactly the type of experienced player we’ve been missing last few years
  3. A Good core of players retained. Surley keeping inglis has gotta be a coup easily our best player the last couple of season. If big Gerry can prove his fitness he’d be a tremendous signing for next season to.
  4. That would be weird having him stay as player after being binned as manager Anyone heard any rumours on who were after/who’s maybe on trial with us the lack of news from the club is concerning. The players section is now empty on the club website so maybe the players mentioned ain’t staying after all
  5. Would certainly be better than what we’ve had in recent years can we have Harry cairney back at cb with lan Fleming as manager to.
  6. Any rumours at all on any players were looking at....
  7. The courier were adamant that McKinnon was coming back to the glebe has that fallen though ?
  8. Ooh any rumours on who’s in for the job/who has been interviewed ?
  9. I take it the club “know” who’s coming in and they have transfer targets in mind for when they do
  10. Happy with that hopefully sooner rather than later
  11. I don’t think any of the lads from last season have been signed by other clubs yet......
  12. The longer it goes on without a managment team the more concerned I’m getting that we’re gonna be able to throw together a decent team
  13. So any rumours when we’re gonna appoint a management team and do we know if we still have any lads under contract from last season ?
  14. Agreed as much as they have been slated the last few years.(in some cases it has been deserved) people forget the 20 years before that where they ran the club pretty well.Looking forward to a new era at the glebe I hope the new board will be able to reconnect the club with the community and get people back through the gate.
  15. I think the incorporation motion was voted through, not sure if anything else came out of the EGM would be nice to hear something on a new manager
  16. Think they all had relegation release clauses for if we lost the play offs
  17. Don’t even know what to say anymore, absolute shambles fair play to our board for keeping up the banter and making us the most hated club in Scotland
  18. Be an interesting few days at the club, can’t see any of the current crop of players wanting to stay. I seen somewhere on here that Paton was Greenock based so don’t see him fancying the highland league either. Kevin tindall was mentioned on here he’d be a decent appointment with good knowledge of the highland league if we can get him. The club need to act quick to give anyone who might be coming in the chance to build a decent squad for next season
  19. Some might say that after sacking mark Wilson that the next guy to come in could be the most important managerial appointment we’ve made.....and we appointed a striker with no previous managerial experience based on a win at a struggling Albion rovers side Definitely a prime example of the shocking decision making that has got us to where we are today
  20. Think he’s got another two years left on his contract, personally I don’t think he is the man to rebuild us definitely need somone else in next season
  21. Don’t think he will be a well liked man around the city anymore....
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