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  1. 34 minutes ago, theoriginalhedge said:

    They are taking their time to try and get the right blend .....................both playing wise and to fit in to the very harmonious squad that we have right now.  No point in just signing for the sake of it as in years past. 

    I agree with you it’s been one of our big mistakes the last couple of years just signing people cos there a free agent to fill the squad.Was just curious if anyone had heard anything rumours wise on who we may be after.

  2. 46 minutes ago, Hedgecutter said:

    Well that was a rather enjoyable football experience.  A thoroughly deserved win in a game that City pretty much dominated from start to finish.  Can't get overly excited considering that Turra  lost to Fraserburgh 13-1 last season and finished 14th in season 19/20, but certainly a great start to the season.   :)

    Gotta agree there, good start to the season we played some great stuff in the first half sending off really knocked us off our perch 2nd half I think we need a few more decent additions in for the bigger tests to come.

  3. 1 hour ago, MonTheHedge said:

    Exactly, I’ve no idea why people even give him the time of day, and I know he will be enjoying the fact I’m another moaning about his troll ways but people really need to ignore his shite. 

    Agreed we should ignore him hopefully one day he’ll disappear from here , that been said it’s frustrating as hell with some of his criticism, I can be quite harsh myself at times but citydiehard clearly ain’t a “die hard” and is just here to troll.

  4. 1 hour ago, citydiehard said:

    Tried before but the mafia wouldn’t entertain me.With some of the names on the board now looks like it’s just the same.

    You ever gonna give it a rest ya clown 🤡.You weren’t even at the game yesterday some Brechin city fan you are

  5. Thought we put in a really good performance today.Yes the goals were sloppy to lose with all of them coming from set pieces and we may have only had 13 players but for a team that’s only trained together 6 times I felt we contained Livingston really well at times, kept our shape really well and looked like we could maybe nick a goal on the break.I’d imagine we will be trying to get more bodies signed prior to Tuesday.

  6. 36 minutes ago, gm_1982 said:


    How do you come to that conclusion? They’ve already announced 3, why would there be another 4?


    I assumed with the post on the clubs Facebook page they’d be looking to announce several new singings last night and today as this was the last paragraph in the post about inglis and currie signing new contracts they put up last night: 

    The Club is also pleased to confirm that several new signings have agreed terms and will be announced in due course - keep your eyes peeled later tonight and tomorrow!


  7. 10 minutes ago, Rossco8326 said:

    Some news at last paton staying as a player be abit weird for him but still a decent player to have great to see big Gerry will be back for preseason too ingils and currie will be decent players to have in the Highland league as will jordan and bolan. Looking forward to seeing who the new players are 

    A Good core of players retained. Surley keeping inglis has gotta be a coup easily our best player the last couple of season. If big Gerry can prove his fitness he’d be a tremendous signing for next season to.

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