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  1. 4 minutes ago, Cold Feet said:

    We cannt beat an egg. Yous are save.

    It has been poor decisions for the last 4 /5 years. Managers are appointed in good faith but it is they who have but squads that are incapable. Dodds should have be binned around Christmas time, Smith should have gone at the end of the relegation season. So when several decisions that are poor line up this is where we end up.

    Equally the same committee appointed Dick Campbell. M O'Neil, Ray Mckinnon and others before that that brought relative success. Like others we were due a few poor decisions but never thought it might get this bad!

    We deserve to be in the play offs and then who knows but if we cannt defend, work a midfield or have a striker then we have nothing. Oh and the experienced guys, for my money have offrerd bugger all.

    Gotta agree with you here it’s not just this season or last season that’s caused us to be club 42 it’s 5 years of poor decision making at the top that have led us to this.Does anyone known what will happen to the incorporation if we get relegated ?

  2. I think we need start preparing for life in the highland league and accept we just simply aren’t good enough to be in the SPFL.horrendous decision making at boardroom level for the last 4-5 years have led us to this point.Questions also have definitely got to be asked on the thought process when appointing Paton as manager as clearly he was the wrong option when there were more experienced guys out there.

  3. Well we blew that didn’t we :( First half was probably one of the best performances I’ve seen from us for a long time we were unlucky not go in a few goals up at the break.I thought we Absolutely capitulated after the sending off and made an average second half performance by Elgin look good.The officials were Absolutely horrendous throughout the 90 mins some of there decision making for both teams was questionable.

  4. After the way we started this game I thought we would be onto a hiding.Our full backs could not cope with the Queen’s Park wingers in both half’s especially Quitongo who you could see was ripping shifty apart at left back in the first half.The second half we seemed to come into the game a bit more until the sending off more of less killed it. Credit where it’s due though I thought we had a reasonably strong finish to the game creating a few decent chances despite being down to 10 men.We have to start picking up points soon starting Tuesday hopefully!

  5. 4 hours ago, gm_1982 said:


    From what I can make out, we’ve already got a squad of 23! The problem being is that it’s our experienced players that have picked up injuries. Can only pray that none are serious, we looked fine tonight until we lost Osman and conceded, lost Gerry then looked like the side earlier in the season.


    Is there a limit on the squad size we can have ? Surley under the circumstances worst case scenario if most of our injuries we have picked up so far are out longer than expected that would give us justification to bring in a free agent or two till the end of the season ?.

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