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  1. Hat trick weekend for Jonny Rae to reclaim top spot in the WSBK at Assen. Nightmare for Gerloff in the last race, taking Toprak out on the first bend, then crashing out himself after completing his ride through penalty.
  2. Superb 4 days from that young man, incredible consistency. Chapeau![emoji122]
  3. What are the odds that McGinley will still give him another mention before this back 9 is through though!?[emoji848]
  4. Fascinating stuff this, no let up from Morikawa, his composure is incredible.
  5. Any chance we might be able to enjoy the final day unfold at Sandwich this afternoon, without these f*cking ar*eholes shouting out from the Tee at every opportunity?
  6. Comedian Sara Pascoe revealed on the TV panel show ‘Would I lie to You’, that she once booked a holiday yoga retreat in Costa Rica, believing she was heading for sunny Spain.[emoji295]️[emoji633][emoji15] Sara is an alumni of The University of Sussex.
  7. Bannsiders follow the Glens and Blues but Larne march on. Cracking result over the two legs, 2-0 Agg.
  8. Full Fixtures for the Premiership for 2021/22 can be found here https://www.nifootballleague.com/premiership/2021-2022/fixtures/ Hopefully Carrick Rangers can avoid the start of last season offering more hope and a little less angst this campaign and following the surprise departure of Big Niall Currie back in May. Fixtures for the Championship for 2021/22 can be found here. https://www.nifootballleague.com/championship/2021-2022/fixtures/ In the 2nd tier, as posted above by the OP, Ballinamallard will be looking to push things along this year after losing the chance to regroup on missing out in 2019/20. It will be interesting to follow progress at Dergview following the appointment of new boss (and former Asst Manager) Tommy Canning, after working with the Youths at Finn Harps. On completing the short trip back to Tyrone he signed forward *Benny Igiehorn from his former club. *Recall his short spell with a Larne, the big fella looked a real handful in a convincing win against Carrick at Inver Park a couple of years back. Loughall and Ards who finished 3rd & 4th respectfully before the cessation of fixtures should be in the mix again. My real hope is for a resurgent Ballyclare and that they can put something together this season. After a series of recent struggles they were unlucky to miss out in the 2017 playoff against Institute. Always enjoyed a visit up the road from Carrick back in the day even though they were considered local rivals, with a couple of pints in town after the game. Tidy wee ground and a good community history behind them. Good luck to them all for the coming season.
  9. Finally caught up with the last of the Euros episodes last night. Really hope there are plans to start a new series from the off this season. Its a programme that I really look forward to as part of the build up to the weekend’s fixtures. It’s not only the irreverent take on all things Scottish football and it’s off beat pitch that make it such a change from the usual approach, some of the feature articles covering the lower echelons of the game are outstanding contributions.
  10. It does perhaps only draw a small audience on P&[email protected], but your regular updates and reviews on the NIFL (domestic and European competition) are always much appreciated. Hopefully another competitive season to look forward to. Cheers.
  11. Clockwork


    Incredible that Currie, Worthington and Bowles scratched together barely 30 caps between them. They would have been treasured in any other side. England often seem to have an embarrassment of riches at their disposal without finding a way to use them to their real potential. You can be sure that any other International team would have found a way to play Lampard and Gerrard together with Scholes and Beckham in the side without it causing the much talked about left sided problem for example. Agreed though, they’ve had two terrific opportunities in the draws they’ve received and teams met, in the last WC and just recently, Euros 2020. It could be a long time before they get such a an opportunity again. The whole circus that follows the England team needs to ditch the 55 years thing now though. Talk about it again after they’ve won something perhaps, but it’s seems a constant distraction otherwise. For the rest of us, it’s just tiresome.
  12. Clockwork


    I can take or leave Jack Grealish, but he would be a far better player and much more dangerous if he concentrated on staying on his feet. This whole value in ‘winning free kicks’ is wearing a little thin. How many times does he go down when in possession with his side trying to drive forwards. It just stops/slows down the play and allows the opposition to reset their lines. It just makes it harder to break down a well drilled defence. It’s good to see players wanting the ball but would be incredibly frustrating playing alongside him you would imagine, given the time he spends on the deck?[emoji848]
  13. Watched the game over in Carrickfergus this evening, with very much a neutral audience, so no sway either way. It wasn’t a classic with both sides evenly matched. Shame it had to go to penalties but well done Italy. Will welcome the newly crowed European Champions to Windsor Park in November.
  14. and Federico Bessone[emoji6][emoji1033]
  15. Agreed, I think they have exceeded the expectations of most, but the anticipation of ‘football coming home’ is now at a level, where defeat on Sunday is almost unthinkable. That’s certainly how it seems looking in, given the wall to wall, round the clock build up. I’ve no axe to grind with the England side (apart from the theatrics[emoji849]), but the mega-hype is going to absolutely crush your support should you lose. The pressure on the players must be incredible too, far beyond Italia 90 or Euro 96. I’ve got so many result/score predictions wrong this tournament, if I go Italy 2-0, I might just be doing you a favour. Good luck anyway fwiw, it’s a media blackout for me now, right up to kick off.
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