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  1. I'd much rather see him playing alongside, or just in front of Ciftci, the pair of them bringing a bit of strength and chaos that's the opposite of what we've had. We can't keep playing May just because he's on a wage. Appreciate that Hendry struggled with goals and disciple for a lot of his time with us but I've always thought that there's a bit of a player in there and I've never thought he was as poor as other saints fans do. Maybe the relegation fight, and that he's definitely on his last shot at a decent contract (here or anywhere else) in the next 3 months will be the motivation he needs. Not saying Kane, Ciftci and Hendry gives us a top 6 striking department but surely that's it's just enough to stay up, if they get any kind of service. We obviously still need more but please, please let the next signing be a midfielder.
  2. No concourse booze sales in Scotland (during game time). The odd hip flask may on occasion be smuggled in. There's no 'in case' about it either. Two rotten teams terrified of losing. Edited for clarity.
  3. Agree with the first paragraph but honestly think it's almost too far gone for fan forgiveness. A complete change of system, attitude and result on Wednesday followed with that being sustained, combined with what you say is just about the only way out. Wednesday is surely to goodness the last chance saloon. With what happened at Kelty yesterday (the crowd at the end) and the interview he gave, a bit of me thinks that getting rid would be kindest thing to do for Callum. Even if he's put himself in he position it's just not healthy.
  4. We're not disagreeing. The playing side is all on the manager, 100% agree. Radford's excellent post spells that out perfectly. But you as much as anyone else often site the operational business factors as being a big part of our failure too, so it's no use ignoring that side of it.
  5. I went out of my way to say it wasn't his fault alone. It never is. Unlike you I don't know who made what decisions and when. Ultimately someone sets the direction of the business, makes significant financial decisions and puts the senior team in place. I had understood that to be S Brown. If it's not, I'll go sit in the corner for a while.
  6. But Steve's in charge of day to day running of the club is he not? That's the impression that's been given in the media.
  7. OK, technically G S Brown Construction are the controlling shareholders but he's the Managing Director, it doesn't change the substantive point. Edit - it might actually be Geoff rather than the Ltd company that own the shares, can't remember but it's not really all that relevant.
  8. Because he's the owner so like any organisation with that structure he sets the culture, the decision-making framework, makes the calls on key appointments and ultimately, the buck stops with him. That's not to absolve anyone else of any blame. Our manager, players and even our fucking groundsman are substandard but he is in the captain's chair. That's why.
  9. Would not love this route in the short term, but do think it could work for the club. The Cammy MacPherson contract situation is hilarious. Once again Brown showing he's what some folk think a good business leader looks like, because he appears competent in running the medium-sized local builders he inherited. This is (literally) a different ball game. Defeat on Wednesday will be like squeezing a massive plook. A load of manky pus will erupt but ultimately the pressure will be off as most fans will be absolutely resigned to meekly accepting relegation. Hopefully will mean a new manager can come in with nothing to lose and try some different ideas.
  10. Right. I think he's going back 4 today. Either that or the newspaper comments are some sort of elaborate ruse. High risk but let's get some time into the newer guys and try something just a bit different. Parish Brown Cleary Gordon Gallacher MOH MacPherson Gilmour Middleton Kane Ciftci 0-2 after 6 minutes (Nadir double). Saints to sub him off and shitfest it for the remaining 84. More away fan than home today? Kelty fans - how hard will parking be for a sell-out crowd?
  11. I'd like to see Gilmour get good time in this one. Hard to judge much from the Hearts game.
  12. Heh, that first one was exactly the team I was about to suggest but with Parish for Clark. He'll absolutely go with option 2 though. Edit - he might actually play Ciftchi on the right and May on the left.
  13. WFT is that guy eating? Anyway on Rudden the chat for us was 'double figures' but if it's just a PCA he's signed with Dundee and he's staying with Partick, then it's just the wage and signing-on fee surely. Pretty sure we would have been wanting him in straight away. Sounds like there's still money to be spent to get him this season which has surely become the objective with Cumming away.
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