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  1. It is indeed. In the middle of the park we have Muzz, and McCann looking like absolute 'must starts', with Bryson looking really strong too. I'd say Spoony and Conway are in the same bracket. Therefore if we're sticking with 3/5 at the back it seems to force us into playing a lone striker. I can't imagine Melamed will be on the bench much, unless he's going to be a mis-fire and will surely have to get a good amount of game time, but Stevie's undroppable right now. So .. will we see 4 at the back again?
  2. This ruse may be of interest to the chaps at Livingston.
  3. I'll admit I've been very much on the fence and some of his performances he's looked a bit sloppy, his finishing isn't top drawer and he's certainly not quick for a winger. He's definitely winning me round as he's having more impact (St Mirren, Celtic and yesterday all good performances) and certainly showed commitment on Saturday, and his crossing seemed better. I guess some of that has just been match fitness and getting used to the team / Scottish game again. Like others in the team it looks like he's compensating for pace with experience and touch. May, Spoony and him are alike in that respect. It does seem to me that it means that we seem to pick up a lot of free kicks in the midfield in fairly neutral areas, but if we could inject some pace with a player that's more reliable/effective than O'Halloran we might be able to drive on instead. Is Guy quick? Saying that, he did seem more in the penalty box yesterday than any of his other games. Like others though the lack of clean sheets is a worry as it's not easy to pin down. The CB's all seem sound, as does Danny and Tanser's probably better defensively than last season. As others have said out keepers aren't the best but since Zander's returned I don't think he's been at fault for any of goals we've lost. Arguably with Spoon and Tanser we're defensively weak on the left, especially as McCart seems to be making the odd mistake this year. Still, we shouldn't be losing as many goals, at least not on paper.
  4. Thought he was at full stretch, I don't think many keepers are getting to that tbh.
  5. If that's from any kind of official source I'm not sure it should be posted on a public forum tbh.
  6. Think he's 'available' but won't have had much, if any, training time with the team as has quarantine's up tomorrow. Could be worth putting him on the bench. If we somehow end up 3 ahead with 10 to play, why not let the boy have a run around on a plastic carpet in the cold and rain and we've got 5 subs to use. Edit actually scratch that. He'd probably end up with a 'career threatener' and leave as a free agent next summer after 9 months of rehab.
  7. That's the team I would go with too, but expect that CD will have Conway in the team. Either a swap with Spoony or he'll take out Hendry. Imagine it will be Tanser rather than Booth. Confident, but we often seem to struggle against Hamilton. Think this will be a win but a very narrow one and a nil-nil is very much a possibility. Hamilton charging £15 for the stream BTW.
  8. And there was also the condescending dismissal of Clark because of the horsing we took off Celtic on the opening day last year. Can't remember the details but it spoke volumes. To be clear, I don't think Zander Clark should be our national team goalkeeper.
  9. Definitely something about making a noise publicly helping, and agree on your point about Gallagher. The only serious lobbying in recent years for a saints player to be called up was Ricky Forster, and that was himself doing it. Although I can see why the club wouldn't bother in that particular case.
  10. Agree with this. If Halkett is called up it's beyond clear that it's something ideological and nothing to do with performance or potential. Does our manager not have anyone's ear given his links with the national setup?
  11. What I find astonishing is that Brechin scored 2 against them. Think our keeper touched the ball once today and they were barely in our half. Worth noting that Hearts needed a relatively late goal to beat Cowdenbeath today and looked utter mince in the second half against ICT.
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