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  1. Thinking of travelling through from Perth for this today and looking for some guidance. 1. Is the game likely to be on? 2. Decent pre-match pub? 3. Also assuming it must be cash/card at the gate? Any help appreciated!
  2. Those subs baffled everyone. I honestly, perhaps naively thought that he'd moved on from the Crawford experiment but apparently the bromance is still strong. First half we should have had it wrapped up or at least have been going in one up. The players (both teams to be fair) looked leggy and overall it was a poor game between two tired teams. As others have said our subs just killed us. God alone knows what pictures Crawford has of Davidson. @RandomGuy.think that's a bit unfair on Bair, he was hardly on the pitch. Still, a good time to take stock and it's obviously a big improvement on last year and we do at least look like a team that are playing for the manager and know what they're expected to be doing. Great to see Spoony back but I don't think that was a performance to get him to a world cup (much as I hope I'm wrong). He looks a few games short of fitness and sharpness to me.
  3. How do Motherwell fans think Moult has been doing since coming back? The returning hero trick is one that seems to fail more than succeed IMO but I've not been paying much attention.
  4. Apologies if I misremembered. As already said I think a lot of fans thought that we'd downgraded this season, but it's not really turning out that way. Taking the players you mention, Rooney was a talisman and a unique goal threat, but him and McCart in the team effectively forced us into being a one-trick pony team with the long diagonal. It was predictable, prone to fail when as you say McCart was in poor form and frankly we were soon found out and had nothing else in the locker to create problems for ether defenders or managers. Which is why we scored virtually zero goals until we recalled Hendry. On that, most would say that the versatility in attack that Nicky Clark has brought, unlocking Stevie May, has more than replaced his presence. I think you underestimate Carey and McGowan has been far better than we would have expected, with Murphy adding a different dimension. Finally I think most fans would concede that so far, Matthews looks if anything an upgrade on Zander. But I also agree with the general point that that recent performances have probably been more than the sum of our parts.
  5. I'd play Remi even if his leg's been amputated. Expect that CD will indeed go with Jamie's team but with Brown instead of Monty. Not what I or most fans would do but there you go. With Motherwell seemingly having a lot of injuries all over the park including KVV, hard to see where their goals come from against that back 3. Sean Goss possibly the biggest threat? Must be the fact it's a Friday but despite the fact they seemed to do well against Celtic I'm feeling fairly confident that a draw would be a bad result for us here. 2-1, and Saints to head to the WC break with 13 points from 15 under VAR.
  6. I thought Drey Wright looked surprisingly quick on Wednesday night (against Tanser, who's admittedly not that quick). Thought he'd looked more sluggish than his first spell for us this time around but the other night I thought he was more rapid. Was also good to see him going in full-blooded for 50/50s, showed a lot of heart given how bad his injury was before he left for Hibs.
  7. Have to agree. He sort of typifies how I'm feeling about the squad generally. Someone (I think it was @craigkillie) was saying on the terrace podcast a couple of weeks ago (and was pretty adamant about it) that we had the worst squad in the league, which I though was a bit wild. Not saying it's a nailed on top 6 bunch of players but I'm going to swallow my pride a bit and admit that what I thought was a bloated, resource-draining collection of too-old players is proving its' worth as we move into the time of the season for injuries and totting-up suspensions. On any given Saturday we've got a better bench than most of our immediate rivals and players like Murphy that give a bit of quality and flexibility. Of course it's by no means perfect. Still too old, still relying on a loan keeper who's been nothing short of excellent and worth more than a few point for us, still some money wasted and/or players that we don't really have much of an idea of (Mahon, Phillips for example) but it's a squad that's doing a job for us. Definitely need to developing sellable assets though.
  8. Pretty much his career in a nutshell. A kind of Scottish low-rent Matt le Tissier. Actually I have to retract that on reflection, that's being unbelievably generous to Alston. Maybe I'm just thinking of the similar noses. He was certainly no Jahmal Hector-Ingram
  9. My bad, didn't read terms and conditions properly. Cheers for posting though, no harm in watching that again.
  10. Blair Alston against (I might be wrong) Aberdeen about 6 seasons ago and for me Melamed Vs Hamilton was just outstanding. Although it was a closed door COVID game sadly.
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