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  1. Have I missed some news here, are Kilmarnock likely to go under if they're relegated? Thought there was plenty money behind the club.
  2. I couldn't, he just gave too many good memories. That said would rather avoid playing him next year so would be happy enough to see them go down. Don't think anyone would realistically blame TW. Think that's why he took it, it's a bit of a free hit. Don't particularly care about St Mirren but would love 6th as it would guarantee finishing above United and cementing top team in Tayside. Again.
  3. That's a real shame if true Tam. He does seem to have quite dry sense of humour and comes across as maybe a wee bit dour, not sure if that's natural or if the move has made him a bit miserable, but he's shown he can cut it in Scotland. Maybe it's just not the right country for him, but I'd hope that he'd think it was the right club. I would honestly love for us to keep him if there was a way to make it work for both sides.
  4. This is what I was thinking too, only concern is that plastic seems like Guy's kryptonite going by the performance at Livingston. Can't see him not starting though, maybe even with Brown for Rooney, save him for Hibs. Hopefully Muzz will be OK for the bench and is able to get some minutes in. Was also thinking that we might see MOH reprise the RWB role, stick Middleton in behind May-lamed. Get the feeling that the reported shenanigans with Tanser's transfer talk, as well as Booth's performances of course, have been behind his lack of starts as much as the injury. Just speculation but hopefully it's given him a wee shake. 1-1, May and Callachan. If there was ever a time for Hamilton to play us, it's now.
  5. You mean how he played in the second half? Not what I would have wanted but have to trust the manager, let's hope he's called this one right. COYS.
  6. We're all worried about this tbh, the semi was brilliant but that first 20 minutes or so we were in trouble and Conway was very poor in the first half. And this nails it (I think this is exactly what we'll see, with Bryson).
  7. I got it for the semi because I didn't realise the international sub covered it. The stream quality is excellent and no casting glitches, unlike others. Kept the sub going for the final and in between I've found myself watching and enjoying a lot of La Liga. Might even keep it on after Sunday. Biggest issue I have is that, for me, a national cup final (especially in these times) should be on a platform that the country can watch, ie terrestrial telly. Do wonder if that would have happened if it was an OF final.
  8. So pretty much full squads then. Thought that Jacobs fella was recalled from loan. Must have got him confused with someone one else. Ridiculous levels of excitement given it's only Tuesday. As someone else said above, could be the last chance of a non-OF final in a while makes it even worse/better.
  9. Are both teams expecting full squads to go with for this? Looks like we'll have no injuries (touch wood). Middleton being tied is the only player we'd be expecting to be missing. Think Livi had some injuries but are they expected to be back? Can a Livingstonian enlighten? Saw that Sibbald was back at the weekend.
  10. Livi's cup final banger is the black pudding and peach one. Would probably have gone apricot myself, but it sounds nicer than ours. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/lifestyle/food-drink/1968202/perthshire-butcher-hopes-st-johnstones-cup-final-match-goes-with-a-bang-er That gin looks like it's been knocked up in a shed. And 'spirit drink'. Oh dear.
  11. I'm very happy with it but would have wanted to see Tanser on for set pieces, with such a depleted defence you'd be hoping we would able to win fouls in good positions. Surely he will have to come on to get game time. Ditto Conway. And Muzz of course.
  12. Middleton is the new MOH. I'm expecting he'll start (can't play in the cup final, has been impressive, depleted defence to run at). The 'problem' though is that pretty much means 5-2-3 when I think 5-3-2 would be more effective. Would be very happy with a Kane/Melamed front pair starting but equally OK with; Clark Rooney Kerr Gordon McCart Tanser Bryson McCann Middleton Kane Spoony I think CD will start with something like that, and give Muzz and Conway game time later on as he'll be wanting them to start next Sunday. 2-0 Saints.
  13. I wasn't being critical, just pointing out that us 'going for it' on 70 minutes (if we're lucky enough to be level) isn't going to happen. Not asking for suicide tactics but think Middleton for Conway would be a reasonable sub.
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