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  1. He was his usual animated self on the touchlines from what I could see. Probably just looking for a positive angle, which managers do all the time. Just not sure that was the right angle to take! (And that's from a club who has an owner that moaned that being in Europe cost us money AFTER we qualified!)
  2. Fair point on the Academy. Re the accounts my understanding is that there's a Companies House extension for filing (Scotland) but that's nothing to do with UEFA's regs. May well have been OK on appeal. Academic now I guess, main point was it's odd to go to the press suggesting there's an upside to not winning.
  3. Interesting that he picked that one to mention then. TBF to the Livi boys here I'd be spewing if a Saints manager came out and basically said that they were happy enough with losing a game to get into Europe. Not sure if it's true or just saltiness but still what an odd position to take.
  4. "We've not got the youth academy for the UEFA club licencing. That was meant to have started up last March but then Covid hit. Part of getting the UEFA criteria is that you've got to have a youth academy." Thought it was because the accounts weren't filed in time?
  5. We've got folk in the East Stand that could make more noise than 240 by themselves. Not that it would be coherent, or supportive.
  6. For the very brief time he was on, thought young Alex looked sparky. Looking forward to seeing more of him. Nothing to add to the game comments but it certainly showed that we've gone way beyond the bottom of our squad depth now. Anything other than defeats in these last 2 games will be an astonishing coaching job by Callum.
  7. True that bookies odds is as much to do with weight of money than probability so fair enough. No doubt we'll be confident. There's definitely a confidence (not arrogance) that CD seems to be able to create in this team. In many ways the team will probably be more confident than the fans, which isn't a bad thing of course.
  8. Was it only you guys and Dundee United that made that offer? FWIW I expect that they'll do what you've suggested. STs will be interesting this year. The impact of Covid on the job market hasn't washed through yet and a lot of folk don't know if they'll have a job after the summer. Personally I'd be hoping that our tremendous season would be a big boost but at the same time the 2 biggest employers in the city let a lot of folk go, just for starters. Also not sure what the impact of all clubs having TV feeds now will be. Folk have got a lot more used to watching in the house so that might factor in as well, with people balancing the cost of club TV with STs.
  9. Honest question - why do you think Saints are 'this confident'? Despite the last few results between us I'd expect most folk and the bookies to have you as favourites.
  10. Great post IMO. My nerves are on a rollercoaster between the 'we've had a great season, what will be will be', 'we're going to get hounded, because football' and the Tam position of absolute confidence that we are a fitter, better coached team with better quality all over the part and momentum behind us so we'll stroll this one. Love it.
  11. If the 4 are right (and the emergency keeper loan suggests at least one is) Liam Craig is a big miss for us. He's been excellent since the turn of the year and a big influence. Muzz was just coming back from injury and I'm not sure he would have started, and Parish wouldn't. May would possibly have started, but even so he's a totemic player in cup games. If we're one up with 20 minutes to play he's absolutely a player you want to be able to bring off the bench. Would you expect Brophy to play much of a part? Seems that he's been out for quite a while.
  12. Are we going to have much of a choice? Not sure that Hendry won't be on his way back from Aberdeen. Surely they'll be looking to buy what they think is a top-3 striker and I don't think it would be him. Don't imagine they would extend the loan either and I expect if we put him put to another club on loan it would be Championship, or a bottom-4 club, so not sure what wage coverage that would give. Nobody seems to think that Guy will stay (personally, still hopeful) so I'd expect Hendry to be back at McDairmid next year unless we can get a fee for him. Whether or not he can fit into CD's system is I guess another issue.
  13. The potential for the double over-rides the not being there, for me. I've cared much less about the league games since it was obvious we weren't in danger of being near the relegation spots but the potential for a double makes this special. Quite enjoyed the family scenes in the house at the LC final and SC QF. Not the same, just a different type of memory. I've caught myself having a moan about winning a cup without a crowd but then perspective kicks in. Whatever happens, that first home game next year is going to be brilliant.
  14. As it happens I was driving past the ground when the buses were leaving at the weekend. Obviously it was only a point in time and probably less than a second to look at it, and the windows were tinted I think but it looked to me that Booth was sitting at least 8 rows behind another player (Gilmour? it was a very quick glance). So nothing that would stand up in court but stuck in my head as I was thinking that the players really were a long way from each other.
  15. Eh? We play Livi in 9 days time. Were the tests earlier then? ETA the isolators might have had contact with the positives earlier, hadn't considered that.
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