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  1. Until the final whistle last week Saints were in the same boat as both you lot so understand stress in the thread from both sides. Maybe going a bit far in terms of undermining fan confidence to illustrate Danny Armstrong actually praying when the lineup's released though.
  2. Don't have a lot of dead ball options do we? Carey ...... ehh ....... (Don't say what it think you're going to say)
  3. Because he turned into a pretty decent hold-up striker in the couple of seasons before his injury, and because he works his socks off and wins a lot of fouls, it's often forgotten that for many seasons Kane was at best bang average and often very much a Championship player that many, including me, wanted rid of. He's be missed as he's a bit of an icon but would like to think that we'd get at least another season out of Nicky Clark who's a better footballer, even if he's not got the same energy levels. Hopefully we can use the freed up wages, send Rudden back only slightly used, get Bair out on 6 months loan somewhere (don't think we'll be selling him). With other high earners moving on (eg Hallberg) surely we should have enough for a good quality starting striker, with the 4th spot filled by an emerging youngster, e.g. Mylchreest who's had a bench start this season and seems to be very well thought of. Of course we likely need another keeper (maybe a starter, maybe a backup, not sure we know yet), a couple of left-side defenders, maybe a left winger. But still more out than in so if we're keeping the wage bill roughly the same it should mean less but better.
  4. I thought they normally lived in flats. So my friend told me anyway. Nah. He'll just pin a picture of James Brown in an Aaron Comrie mask up on his locker.
  5. That's only 3 lines and it doesn't even rhyme. More like a haiku. But not.
  6. Think the fact that Hallberg was on the pitch for the one against Utd that was in a similar spot to one he scored earlier this season (East Fife was it?), but MacPherson was allowed to take it with all to predictable results, suggested to me it does matter a bit.
  7. Our manager's.. but I'm sure both of the above have opinions too.
  8. Wonder what his views are on MacPherson's free kick performance are?
  9. Yeah I read this and my first thought was 'I can see what he means'. My second thought was 'what an improvement on the interview we'd have got from Davidson'. Generally feeling that the press this week is positive from Saints.
  10. Think you mean we play Livi at home rather than Motherwell twice?
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