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  1. With 2019 drawing to a close, what’s everyone’s thoughts on team performances so far? Which team has impressed, which haven’t? Who’s stood out on an individual level both as a player and coach?
  2. Would the South of Scotland league be level with the East of Scotland Premier league or conferences A & B?
  3. Does the league keep track of the scorers for each match and is there an up to date standings anywhere?
  4. New blonde haired lassie 🤮 New Brunette haired lassie [emoji7]
  5. The three new islanders seem like total simpletons. They should fit right in then [emoji849]
  6. Maura is the worst whisperer in the world [emoji23]
  7. When I’m watching something (football, darts, etc) and her phone rings. “Can you turn that down or pause it please? My mum’s phoning” Fucking go upstairs and talk to her FFS. I’m not pausing live sport [emoji36][emoji23]
  8. Dunno, she just reminds me of Dua Lipa & Margot Robbie for some reason [emoji23]
  9. Francesca has the Dua Lipa/Margot Robbie look going on. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  10. Dexter the Whippet. He’ll be 3 in August [emoji2]
  11. Paul to the Vicar: “You know I m a giver, not a taker” [emoji102]
  12. I was just reading that Amy is a former Miss United Kingdom. [emoji87][emoji102]
  13. There was also sabotaging Brian’s vegetables in the allotment.
  14. Not even going to lie, I had to google it [emoji87]
  15. Lochmaben were still in the Dumfries Saturday amateurs back then too. Seems like someone is on the wind up [emoji848]
  16. Evelyn is the best character in Coronation street the now. Some of the one-liners are brilliant. [emoji23]
  17. Tom should go and punch that Jordan’s head in for being a gobby little c**t [emoji1420] Hope Jordan & Anna get the boot!
  18. Can we not just have three leagues of 18 with 3 up & down from each division? Could have 2 teams promoted automatically and 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th contesting a play off? Could have a proper winter break too. Just please, f**k off with the Colts idea [emoji85]
  19. Slightly off topic from the tipping debacle, but the c***s in restaurants that annoy me are chefs that advertise steak pie on a menu, but when it arrives, it’s just stew with a perfectly square piece of puff pastry on top [emoji849] Best part of a steak pie is the chewy bit between the steak and crusty pastry. [emoji39]
  20. £90 in total. 36 x £2.50 selections [emoji102] Jammy hooor
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