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  1. Raymond thrown under a bus from day one couldn't get s nicer wee chap to b treated like that
  2. Heston rovers

    Saints wasted more money than a kid on a BMX burning tyres
  3. Heston rovers

    You must realise your dreams are done and dusted just like your next dream Sunday school next
  4. Heston rovers

    Dumfrieslad when have you ever finnished in top two never in your management career go home pretty boy your finnished
  5. You aff yer nut with them comments
  6. Transfers

    It's a well known fact that's what will happen
  7. Transfers

    Yes Drysdale to Newton very done deal a hear
  8. Players with many clubs in 1 Season?

    The saint frazer trying to front himself for a change of seats again!!!!!!! But well out of his depth as his next move PLAN
  9. Players with many clubs in 1 Season?

    End of the day CD1953 stop being a informant as you were well and truly beaten on the day
  10. Goalkeepers

    An drysdale at saints darren martin showed him everything he knows
  11. Goalkeepers

    Did the bonnytoon keeper lift any awards last year as he’s been voted the best keeper in sosfl
  12. Goalkeepers

    Best in sosfl so far
  13. Top 6 predictions

    Lochar are well run under niki white and have had a good month or so results wise nithsdale was a result any team will go there and really struggle to come away with a win or draw look at threave they were destroyed in first half up there so I think to be fair lochar will b very close in title hunt after there results so far
  14. Gretna job

    Very strong candidate from the SOSFL for the vacant managers job at Gretna supposedly