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  1. Who was the ref in that game m8
  2. Cheers mate appreciate that a know first hand what it's like been labbled a gang all the time when at Pollok ams ,just the same now way Southside all mates enjoying a game on a Saturday morning .
  3. Cheers mate big ask for the boys at this stage but hey ho at least we got there , it was enjoyable, don't think we had any easy ties to be honest Harestnes,Giffnock,Danderhall,Craigshill
  4. Good luck to both teams no doubt will be a great spectacle for amature football and all the best at Darvel mick when it starts mate
  5. Well done to hurlford on reaching semi final from all at Southside deserved winners couple sloppy goals to give defensive wise but some good finishing from the big striker especially that 2nd goal [emoji122] ,one thing for sure the Southside boys done themselves proud getting this far no one like a 6-0 defeat but we move on and hopefully put up a better show next week in 1/4's of the West
  6. This guy is just another barmyarmy who like to badger teams that he probably had a pumping off , what micks done in Amateur game as a player and manager is 2nd to none irrelevant of what people say and he's proved himself time and time again he doesn't need to answer to rockets ,
  7. A did hear before they played Southside if they went out they were folding , couple cracking players in the team wee left winger and the big centre half that was suspended [emoji23]
  8. Rules are rules baw nut don't cheat simple , still to hear any team saying they get booted all about the place to me you've played at the cage and been hung out off before [emoji23]
  9. Craigshill pulled out and it was put to a vote I believe and Southside reinstated go play Hurlford next week
  10. Exactly mate shot way to get there bit don't cheat and get caught
  11. Not bad last 8 of 2 national cups great achievement wouldn't you say barmy Army
  12. Well well Southside back in the sçottish to play Hurlford next week who would have thought that
  13. Accused of is different from being caught mate I've never had any dealings with Hurlford all the years I played Amature football so couldn't quote you on that sorry saying that I retired few years ago now [emoji6]
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