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  1. I'd have thought you'd mean condemning but then I never quite undertood the Celtic way - sectarian chants have no place in football and teams that promote or support them should rightly be ridiculed and hounded. In terms of effective response to abuse of players and managers Aberdeen are well ahead of the gruesome bigots of Glasgow.
  2. Stealing from weans - could be worse for a Celtic fan
  3. They like to feel they are winning great victories against the odds when of course any unbiased observer would say that they are the establishment team getting the breaks and have more money than the rest of their league put together and so should not be congratulated on winning anything as to fail to do so would be incompetence of the highest order.
  4. Enjoy your superiority bought with the same fools gold you complain of when pumped in Europe
  5. Strolled it. Always helps when you're the establishment team so you get a head start of two penalties and a free hand to knock out the opposition.
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