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  1. Changing the subject slightly, will there be half-season tickets sold this year? I’ve found myself going to more home games than I anticipated and would like to give the club a bit of money for January.
  2. Tbf to Davo, this is only his second of the season - good for him.
  3. The manner in which he left is the reason for the bad blood. Had he discussed a contract with Unt after Raith were eliminated from the playoffs, I think the fans would more highly of him.
  4. He’s pretty decent on football manager if that means anything haha.
  5. Saw Messi and Ronaldo driving towards Kirkcaldy today, fingers crossed.
  6. That happened again today I’m afraid. As the third rovers bus was leaving the ground, a couple guys of chucked something (a large stone I’m guessing), smashing a window. I can’t say for sure they were Forfar fans because I didn’t see them as I was at the front of the bus, but it would be strange if it were Raith fans.
  7. I would like to see Valentine given a chance at LB, been impressed any time ive seen him with the U21s. I find it strange they recalled him from his loan and he's not even featured on the bench.
  8. Hope there's a way for Easton to come back, he was the only positive thing at the club in the last 2 years or so.
  9. Think that's harsh on Matthews, I really rate him as a player, agree with the rest. Would like to see us keep hold of most of the young guys.
  10. Was at the reserves game last night, McKay looks decent but he is shocking in the air. Thought a few of the young boys did alright, looks like Smith might be injured again though.
  11. Going to force him to retire with me. He’s on close to 400 games with 150 goals on my save. Only worth £4M in his old age [emoji22]
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