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  1. Which highlights were you watching? I've watched exactly the same highlights because I only manage to get to games now and again and he's looked very solid in all aspects. It's also strange how you've slated Ross Munro at Raith aswell who might I add is another good keeper and they're both having good seasons 🤔
  2. 😂 Clearly someone who doesn't watch football enough. You can't base an opinion off of 2 games. If you did that, no team would have any players. McHale, Bronsky, Sutherland and Hester have been the glue of the team this year in my opinion. That's in no way a disrespect to any of the other players in the squad, as they've also played a huge part. As much as yesterday was a bad defeat there is still so much football to be played. Win a few games and all of a sudden the push is on.
  3. Surprised to see this half time result, here's hoping for a better second half 🙏
  4. They were a better team in the sense they knocked it around well but I thought Elgin were more than a match for them second half. Not taking anything away from them though as at the end of the day they were more clinical but also as you said McHale made some big saves and the defence did very well with the changes before the game and when spark went off. It would've been interesting to see how the game would've played out if Sutherland had taken the chance early on 🤔
  5. I thought Cove were quite fortunate to win that 2-0 yesterday. First game I've managed to get to in a while but I thought a draw would've been a fair result. Very few clear cut chances created, but the ones that were created I thought Sutherlands was the most clear cut. The Elgin keeper had to make a few good saves 2nd half and I thought McKay and Omar put in very good shifts about the pitch. Bit of a blow losing Spark so early on aswell. Overall I think both teams were as good as each other. On another day it could've went the other way.
  6. Game management, end of story. Nothing else to say really.
  7. After watching that, another good performance, I thought it could've gone either way. Stonewall penalty in the first half for Elgin that wasn't given and another couple of clear cut chances that on another day would've went in.
  8. As a neutral having looked at the table it's going forward that is the issue. Defensively you boys aren't bad, joint 4th best record so far (not saying that couldn't improve) but only conceded one more than Cove. There needs to be more goals coming throughout the side.
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