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  1. Agreed! Some clubs could have made a right shilling or 2 today with increased numbers through the door! Everywhere I went today, normality was the order of the day.
  2. Nathan made a difference. I enjoyed his celebrations for his goal & assist, clearly showing how much it means to him!
  3. Things have turned around significantly for Musselburgh 👍 But for Brian's suspension I think the manager would have gone for another unchanged team CJ. Musselburgh passed Newtongrange off the park 1st half yesterday but didn't show up for the first 20 minutes in the 2nd, then the substitutes made a difference, particularly Evans who looked very lively. Overall, Musselburgh not at their best but a comfortable win eventually. Newtongrange look doomed. They were poor, their #9 Paterson aside.
  4. I agree on Brian. Rash tackle but not a red card factoring in the conditions. I think Jackie got M.O.M. I thought they were all excellent but Jonno would have just shaded it for me.
  5. Thanks CJ. I really enjoyed a great 90 minutes on Saturday. Fair play to both sets of players for their efforts & ability in very tough conditions. A draw was a fair result and keeps Musselburgh's momentum going.
  6. From Musselburgh Athletic..... v HoB. As of 9am this (Friday) morning Olivebank seems playable. We will arrange for an early morning pitch inspection to take place tomorrow so keep your eye on here and on twitter for updates. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  7. You still rabbitying on? Still biting? 😁 Here's the thing. I gave an opinion here and justified more than you suggested above. I thought that's what these forums were about and more? I'm a footy fan - not a LTHV or Leith fan and I gave an opinion. I get to a few games. I gave my opinion based on what I've seen. You're entitled to disagree with it........but it seems when you do you get nippy. Last word on it. We'll revisit it at the end of the season if you wish. Until then, enjoy your footy.
  8. Nice one! LTHV have had one defeat in nearly 6 months and you use that as your evidence. Jog on.......
  9. I appreciate you being so positive on Musselburgh's future. 💙
  10. It's not rocket science. Tynecastle comfortably beat everybody in B Conference but they can't beat LTHV or Leith in Conference A. Simple. As for your example. LTHV rested a couple of players that day and had an off day - FACT. I'll see you at season end when I'm proven correct.
  11. Simple really. I think the standard is better in the A Conference to the B. Evidenced by LTHV & Leith both drawing with Tynecastle.
  12. I believe they don't have floodlights? That's a lot of fixtures in a short space of weeks! Definitely between LTHV, Leith & Kinnoul, and whoever finishes 2nd will fancy beating the runners-up in the "B" to get to the Premier League.
  13. Great result for Musselburgh on Saturday. Very professional performance from back to front, and first time this season the manager has been able to field the same starting line-up 2 weeks in row. Can CJ confirm?
  14. Very harsh Rob. I'm not a Tranent supporter, but I was there recently and the work they are doing/have done from disabled access, covered areas, floodlights to the fantastic quality of pitch and more, it's a great success story and anything but a "rabble". I wish them well.
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