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  1. It is, but I am asking if making private messages public is acceptable behaviour? Are you saying that it is because it is his forum?
  2. Yes, so you said. So the site owner considers it acceptable to publish a private message because he didn’t like the content, do you think that is an acceptable way to conduct a public forum?
  3. Is this the same mods who made public a private message?
  4. People can and do have similar views that disagree with yours, but they get the same treatment as anyone who doesn't comply to thoughts and opinions of some pro pyramid folk on here. Abused, discredited , made out to be someone else who was similarly discounted, rounded on. Anyone who dares say that the West region top league is an attractive prospect is rubbished, ganged up on by the same individuals, who are zealots. You actually do not know me, but have decided to label me because it suites your agenda. The same reason as why you consider it OK to make public a PM, something that in any organisation should be kept private no matter what they think of the content. But it suites your agenda and therefore is justified. This displays a deep lack of integrity in the forum, and those who think this type of conduct is fine.
  5. This is a simplistic view and a highly unlikely scenario. The thought of playing East Stirling, Albion Rovers or Cowdenbeath is more like the reality. None of these clubs will bring many with them and it is not an exciting prospect. As for the lowland league, most clubs can hardly attract 50 fans. Unfortunately Talbot like many will have to consider their position due to the exodus in the east creating a crisis, but the top league in the West is the best in non league and will now have to change, perhaps not for th3 better. You mentioned Cove, they brought a handful to Beechwood.
  6. I think Talbot have shown that they’re more than efficient, sure they do play direct and pressurise teams, but they also have some rare players. Armstrong is one of the most composed midfielders in the grade, Glasgow one of the quickest with great feet, Shankland one of the most skilful, G Wilson a powerhouse up front. They knocked the ball about well on the plastic yesterday, also opened Ayr up with some nice football. Some of the praise from other clubs supporters is the dammed by faint sort, suppose the self congratulationary nature of the thread creates resentment. Next week is as we all know a huge step up, I’m sure Talbot will make a good account of themselves.
  7. Yes, had you said to me in the opening game of the season that Talbot would have bagged one trophy and be in every other competition including the Scottish FA cup in February I would have considered it a tad biased. Talbot look immense at the moment, an incredibly tough test next week and as always my main hope is that they make a good account of themselves, sure they will.
  8. No matter what is sent in a private message on a national forum, or what the moderators, or the owner think of it, it now is apparent that no one can send a PM to P&B and expect it to be kept private. Integrity? Wow, some admission.
  9. Therefore private messages, on this forum, are not private? Anne!
  10. No matter how contentious or controversial a private message is, it should remain private. Why is a moderator on P&B making public PM?
  11. Not quite understanding your point, I consider floodlights and seats and decent cover for more than 100 should always have been in the criteria. I also think that there should be knew considerations year on. My contention is that going from a very easily achievable criteria to one considerably difficult isn’t really fair. Tier six or not, if a club wants a licence that is irrelevant.
  12. Absolutely agree that floodlights are a must, but they should have been in from the very start. Suddenly bringing it in with no leeway for new applications looks like it’s a deterrent!
  13. Isn’t it weird that, if anyone, no matter who they are, make a statement that criticises the pyramid the same pattern happens. Discredit and ridicule. My post, apparently sharing the view of a past contributor, is immediately discredited by a moderator claiming false alias. Why not address the issues raised in the post instead of discrediting anyone who dares say a word against the pyramid?
  14. There is no doubt that there will be some sort of joined up pyramid. But could the SFA have made more of a mess of it? In all honesty it is a total shambles. One only needs to look at the Club Licencing as a perfect example of the shambles. In order to create a pyramid they fixed the criteria so that almost any club at any level could apply. Now as it seems the Juniors move towards a pyramid and club membership applications increase they quickly place floodlights on a must have. They appear to have less funds available than before to help clubs and the whole thing has clearly had no proper structure or strategy from the word go. An unbelievably amateur and bumbling succession of events where it is clear they had no idea how to progress. As has been the case all along, glaringly unfair, could even be discriminatory, situations arise. Incredibly inappropriate outcomes occur and the SFA appear only to react, nothing whatsoever seems to be thought out. The question is not do I want my club in the pyramid, that it would appear is enevitable, the question is will the SFA actually ever get their finger out and work this out properly.
  15. Can Talbot run Hearts close again?
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