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  1. Maybe some of the aliases on here can shed some light on the Quitongo situation. Is he still on the payroll?
  2. There's a nice one in Ager, Uttar Pradesh, just across from the Taj Mahal.
  3. Not a lawyer, but the outcome of the investigation by the club has ben made. If the aggieved party is not satisfied with the outcome then they are entitled to appeal to a higher authority (SFL, SFA or Police) The onus is on the appellant to prove what was said and by whom, so the ball is firmly in Rico's court.
  4. That old chestnut, haven't heard that for such a long time! When did the amateurs ever play at Kilbowie (New Kilbowie) when they plied their trade in the bottom league?
  5. A bit concerned that Peterheid might pull off the Houdini act from a few years ago (3-1 down, 10 mins to go and win 4-3)
  6. Should the club be bracing itself for further action from the authorities, regarding the pitch invasion and pyrotechnic discretions??
  7. Retired and would have purchased a season ticket, but I will just pick and chose my games.
  8. Gallagher would do better if he got a better service from the midfield, hence the need for a productive midfielder.
  9. According to the first sentence in th Record story, McCann is looking for a reputable club.
  10. You again! The guy who thinks he is my chum. You were supposed to have blocked me, but you can't resist. 'chum'
  11. Don't be nice to the p***k! Morton are pish!
  12. Don't be nice to the p***k! Morton are pish!
  13. Firstly, we've never met and are not chums, and resorting to insults, suggests that I am annoying you and getting under your skin. Keep up the sarcasm and watch that you don't fall off that horse!
  14. Making assumptions could get you into trouble! Are you and Paisley Ton vying for the most sarcastic poster prize?
  15. Which part of "in person" do you not understand?
  16. Such an eloquent reply, and then you go and mess it all up by switching your spell checker off. Thanks for your concern, regarding Rio 1 (dead and buried) My repeat prescriptions are picked up every three months, in person! Oh and be careful that you don't fall off that high horse, you might hurt yourself. your sarcasm knows no bounds!
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