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  1. Passed by Hampden during the week and had a wee look in. The new ground is certainly taking shape, even though the pitch isn't finished, i think that we should play the play off game there, rather than Firhill!
  2. Shame that we won't be playing Ayr if we reach the final of the play offs. Would have been nice to relegate them.
  3. Don't expect it to be a good game at Firhill. It must be the worst pitch in the Championship and First division
  4. Judging by the comments from some of the people and organisations representing Rico, the decision has already been made and the club are guilty.
  5. Apparently the main offender in the Rico case is a director which is very concerning According to the lunchtime news, Airdrie fans were accused of racial abuse and compensation was being sought from a director. If the posts on this thread are anything to go by, only one person was involved in the alleged abuse and that Mr Quitongo was not within earshot.
  6. My dad used to tell me about Baird, Gallagher, Welsh etc
  7. Had the privilege of seeing him play for the Diamonds and also meeting him in person at a POTY do. Absolute legend!
  8. The statement quoted from his post would be controversial, if he came away with it in court.
  9. A Judge? A Lawyer? Whatever he does for a living, he shouldn't be coming away with statements like that.
  10. plenty folk saw the nick of the victim, incapable of consent etc Copied from your previous quote. That doesn't sound like generally speaking. If you had read the evidence. you might well have noticed that the judge praised the victims testimony and slated DG for his. Sounds like you are suggesting that because the victim had been drinking, then she was not a reliable witness.
  11. You obviously didn't read the full court report and the judges findings, which were posted earlier in the thread. Have a look and you may come to a different conclusion.
  12. Could you not have squeezed Leigh Griffith's into that tirade?
  13. Got Steven Glass lined up to take over from Murray next week (when he gets sacked for losing to Peterheid)
  14. I am well aware of the loan situation, however he could have chosen to stay with us until the end of the season and I am pretty sure that Celtic wouldn't have minded who he went on loan to, as they were not interested in keeping him.
  15. Totally missed the point. He played a few games for us, scored a few goals. He didn't need to go back to Celtic, he could have agreed to stay till the end of the season, he was playing the field to see if he got any offers. In the history of Airdrie he doesn't come close to getting a mention. Of course he has to do what is best for him, but he shouldn't be put on a pedestal.
  16. Why are people creaming their pants over McEnroy, he's not exactly a Paul Jonquin, played for us for less than half a season, now plays for a team we should beat in the play offs. It was pretty obvious that he was looking after No1 when he went back to Sellik, so move on and let's forget about the half season wonder, and screw him at the next available opportunity.
  17. Just need to hope that we encounter them in the play offs
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