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  1. Big McAllister or the keeper might have a few Bob on them to finish second. With any luck!
  2. You are usually the guy who tells us what's happening! Has your inside info dried up?
  3. Does that mean that the game starts at 2-1 to us, with 15 minutes to play??
  4. Maybe some of the aliases on here can shed some light on the Quitongo situation. Is he still on the payroll?
  5. There's a nice one in Ager, Uttar Pradesh, just across from the Taj Mahal.
  6. Not a lawyer, but the outcome of the investigation by the club has ben made. If the aggieved party is not satisfied with the outcome then they are entitled to appeal to a higher authority (SFL, SFA or Police) The onus is on the appellant to prove what was said and by whom, so the ball is firmly in Rico's court.
  7. That old chestnut, haven't heard that for such a long time! When did the amateurs ever play at Kilbowie (New Kilbowie) when they plied their trade in the bottom league?
  8. A bit concerned that Peterheid might pull off the Houdini act from a few years ago (3-1 down, 10 mins to go and win 4-3)
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