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  1. Don't hang your hat on Dundee Utd bringing a big support. We've played them quite a few times in the past and their away support has always been poor, although maybe they don't like Airdrie!!!
  2. It's all gone quiet over there, so your hunch is more than likely right. No apology required!
  3. Watched the fly on the wall segment on the BBC Scotland football show, Airdrie v Forfar and wasn't to impressed with the team talk, not very inspiring, even although we won the game!
  4. You should add East Stirling to your title. Although you are probably not old enough. You were probably spunked against a wall in Farfar or a hedge in Brechin!
  5. You come across as a "Glass half empty" kind of guy!
  6. Arbroath v Airdrie

    Top banter! Fish smoker.
  7. Arbroath v Airdrie

    Away and smoke some fish, ya dafty !
  8. When "The Consortium" eased out JB, I am as sure as I can be that every one of them made a contribution to the cause and may well be out of pocket as a result. Other than that, nobody knows who invested what and what is owed to whom.
  9. Club Badges

    Aw diddums! wotapity
  10. Club Badges

    A shield! But we left out the sword, so we can't gaurd old derrys walls.
  11. This is turning into a Celtic thread. Paranoia rules, everybody is against us.
  12. ES Clydebank Pots and kettles spring to mind.