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  1. His point is lost, by the sarky comment attached to it! I like Crichton, but he has been quite wayward with his distribution in the past. He is playing well at the moment and long may it continue.
  2. Calm the ham Tam! Some old cants have been watching Airdrie a lot longer than you, and have seen some good and bad times, so because somebody had a different opinion from yours doesn't require ageist comments from you.
  3. I'm not the most powerful man in the world! I don't do my business on twitter. I'll just stick to P & B or moaning from the stand.
  4. How do they get it through the turnstiles, and do they have to pay admission for it? 🤓
  5. Plenty of effort, Decent player, over plays it quite a lot, tends to take an extra touch when he should be getting a shot in, or pass away
  6. As i'm on holiday ATM, I wasn't at the game yesterday, but having watched the highlights, Airdrie had most of the possession, but couldn't finish the chances created. Loads of shots on goal, which were very poor and lacked pace and accuracy and as has been mentioned by previous posters, the team is very unsettled and lacked leadership.
  7. Reading through the posts on this topic and I've come to the conclusion that Falkirk fans talk a load of shoite!
  8. Would have preferred keeping Russell ans letting Roy go. From what I have seen of him, he has no pace, cant beat a man and is limited in the goal scoring stakes, going by his record with previous clubs.
  9. It must be the only time that "Big Johnny" has came out second best in a penalty shoot out..........
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