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  1. He had a good partner playing alongside him and a midfield creating a lot of chances, unfortunately we don't currently have a midfield who can produce a defencesplitting pass, to open up defences.
  2. No points for a win, no points for a draw and no points for a loss, what's the point???
  3. The Record exclusive, shot down by the (Scottish) Sun That's unusual!
  4. Their will be very few clubs who don't have an arrangement with their bank manager, in order to keep their heads above water, I wouldn't be gloating about paying off your debt (however big or small). Livi 3 times and you missed Dundee twice, however you get out of it, doesn't matter to the clubs fans.
  5. Try taking that to court and see how you get on. Moral high ground. Falkirk have never been in debt? Just like almost every club in Scotland!
  6. We owed a David Murray company £30,000, not Rangers, which started the ball rolling, and the Falkirk supporting administrator stepped in.
  7. Our demise was Falkirks good fortune and Clydebanks demise was our good fortune. Swing and roundabouts. Although having a liquidator in your camp, could have tipped the balance. 🤓
  8. Broadwood in the running for best and worst ?
  9. Because the powers that be, in the SFA and SFL need to get rid of all the hangers on and ego maniacs controlling the show and making a dogs bollocks of it. Merge the two bodies and put people in place who are not up their own arses. Do I have to remind Airdrie supporters of George Peat and the extremes that he went to, in order to have a blazer (But he didn't know that Airdrie were in financial trouble when he bailed out and went to Stenhousemuir) to save his precious blazer.
  10. Paul Hetherington is on the league reconstruction panel, first meeting on Monday 20th!!! What does he look like???
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