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  1. Pennies / craigshill join forces

    I have just spoken to Chris Lowrie on the phone and he assured me he only heard about this after the AGM and are investigating
  2. Pennies / craigshill join forces

    Regardless if it brings a more competitive competition. I all for the best teams playing the best teams, your no going to moan because you are already in the premier division but I bet if you where in the championship you wouldn’t be happy? new name, new ground, new manager, new players, New social media accounts New team SIMPLES rules are rules regardless of who you are or who you know they should start in the bottom league IMO
  3. Select job

    A hope that’s a wind up for starters, Stevie and Acky won’t get the job because the lack of respect they show other teams and the way they let some of there players go on, on social media so that cancels them straight away. A think Ryan at Salvesen would of done a good job and Alan at Tollcross. Even Danderhall manager but I do believe you can’t be in another role with a club at the same time as trying to fufil your Select manager role
  4. Leafa

    Who’s taking the big striker Yulil? He is a fantastic player
  5. Leafa

    Who is relegated for the premier division then? Or is it getting restructured again
  6. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Thorn have the points on the table. All the pressure now goes on to Dumbarton
  7. Leafa

    You are the only one who thinks that according to there Facebook pages
  8. Leafa

    1. Tollcross 2. Salvesen 3. Sandys 4. esv 5. Meadowbank 6. Danderhall
  9. Leafa

    A thought danderhall are supposed to be a decent side but just looked at the league standings and I am very underwhelmed of how poor there league form has been
  10. Leafa

    Funny coming from someone from salvy full off absolute posh faggots
  11. Leafa

    I agree sandies could of won the league a better way but it’s no there fault that’s leafa rules. I don’t Agree with the rules but that doesn’t matter. i didn’t expect Tranent or Edinburgh south vics to do so well imo but I didn’t expect Tollcross or salvesen to bottle it that badly which is a disgrace if I was a player in there dressing room I wouldn’t be happy but I don’t expect salvy to be a team next year
  12. Leafa

    How’s your squad looking Phil? Wish you well and hopeful you and Ryan dinse will be in the premier as soon as. Sandys to remain dominant for next few years IMO
  13. Friendly opposition required

    harvester would take it
  14. East of Scotland cup

    Good going from harvester EOS Sunday cup champs!!
  15. Leafa

    100% many teams get called a gang cause they have a big sideline or are passionate and confident in there own abilities it’s amateur football. Your no going to get perfect tackles or performances so if others things work like home advantage why not use it, Along with a bit banter and taking the piss out of each other , some teams obviously don’t appreciate it but it’s part and parcel with football