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  1. Put your glasses on next game you go too
  2. To be fare so could shortlees if the boy hadn't tripped over his laces in the box
  3. Stick to soaps ya bloom ardeer far better just never got the breaks
  4. Worked hard but ref wasted a good game
  5. Took in the ardeer ,shortlees game hope the referee gave lees there shirt back, worst I've seen
  6. Watched the game, hurlford will be lucky to win anything this year, not impressed
  7. Ardeer result not a surprise, they have a great family togetherness, with some real quality players, and from what I heard 1-0 flatters hurlford
  8. I see where your coming from,I don't read into pre season friendlies to much myself
  9. Why do people want to see teams fall,u can only respect what shortlees have done over the years
  10. Think ardeer good outside bet for league with hurlford and shortlees losing there best players to juniors but heard there wee striker moved up to junior as well big loss for them
  11. I agree, think glenburn,kilbride and ardeer more a threat
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