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  1. A helleva lot of people ive spoken to are of the opinion that the committee are to.blame as well as they stood back and let mick install his win at all costs model...(can deny players were not paid till the cows come home but we all know the truth) they knew what was going on but allowed it to happen. Ive got to agree. Now it may be the end of the club. So when you are calling the players a disgrace remember and call you and your committee pals a disgrace as well.
  2. Maybe he didnt want to tell you the truth. But Rob has def stepped down as manager but will still coach. Strange.
  3. I am hearing Rob Paterson has stepped down. When you pay players for such a long time them.its going to be hard to keep those players with no pay. Current and ex Committee members got to look at themselves as well..they allowed this to happen for years and years and it will almost certainly be the end of the club. Was always an impossible position for whoever took over. Win at all costs.........
  4. AGM tonight be interesting to see who is what division.
  5. Is he signing for Darvel mate and you are the new.manager there? Or is he not going? Word is he is going.
  6. Yes will be a cracker. Oban saints joining as well.
  7. Well said. Maybe the vile players could do with a word in private as well.
  8. No malicious intent did you read the headline of the tweet? Then it goes on to sing about someone dying. Yip nothing malicious tho. An embarassment to the club. No excuses
  9. I think one last thing would be a decent thing to do was for some of your lads to give auld john down at dumbarton a call. If they are not man enough im sure you will be. But i will finish on a positive note. Well said and all the best. Cant be easy moving on and leaving a big club.
  10. Yes Colville are without doubt the best amateur team we have seen. Got to say though disappointed with the behaviour last night of the players on social media and in particular a song directed at one of the games good auld guys. Very poor. I think the timing for mick and the guys to go is about right, past excellent standards are being really lowered now. Wishing you well at Darvel mick. Enjoy this weeks celebrations.
  11. Good luck both teams
  12. Yeah he is retiring. Billy leaving shortlees. End of an era
  13. Congrats to Colville amazing comeback
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