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  1. Yeah he is retiring. Billy leaving shortlees. End of an era
  2. CSAFL

    Pmsl quality haha
  3. CSAFL

    Congrats to Colville amazing comeback
  4. CSAFL

    Predict a draw in both games.
  5. CSAFL

    After beating colville midweek eastfield will be looking to carry that form on ahead of scottish final. Imo huge ask for st.pats to goto eastfield and bannockburn and get a result. Great ending to the best amateur league in scotland. Good luck to all clubs involved.
  6. CSAFL

    Game was very scrappy pitch looked poor. Colville had lot of ball but didnt really create much in way of clear chances. Eastfield really grew 2nd half and deserved win after a clear penalty, they missed two sitters as well so couldve been more. Makes it interesting for scottish final. Colville way off boil on the night.
  7. CSAFL

    Game was a bit of a let down but granted a lot at stake for both clubs. Thought st.patricks would be happy with a draw before ko but cant be tonight after both colville park goals were very dubious. The first was so far offside it was frightening maybe 5 yards and suspect pen...but that's fitba and ref had no linos. Bit of handbags at end and in dressing room area i hear but again lot at stake. Wish both clubs and bannockburn well for the run in.
  8. CSAFL

    As usual the neds of colville mouthing off on twitter. Said it before. They are out of control and the club or central league do nothing about it. Wonder how the sfja will deal with the likes of kennedy, miller and co next season.
  9. west cup

    I think banny will have too much for Oban Saints. Were superb in the semi final.
  10. CSAFL

    Big game tues night Colville V Eastfield. Working or i would've went along to that. Should be.a quality game.
  11. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Hope so. Would be a huge loss to ammy football if the colville name disappeared. Despite all the banter most normal people want to see the club keep going
  12. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Mick..what do you think will.happen with colville next season with you and a few players going?
  13. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Only because of a f**k up by Craigshill. Im sure Hurlford will beat the gang again just like Craigshill did. As for west do what you do best take the other team to the shite small park at the cage and boot fuk out of them. Hopefully a strong referee is on that one and controls the gang.
  14. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    Big west ties this week. Who do you fancy? Banny, East Dunbarton to provide a shock, Goldenhill, St.Patricks, Southside, Dumbarton and Oban Banny v Tynecastle East Dunbartonshire v Shortlees Goldenhill v Cambria Harestanes v St.Patricks Southside ssml v Crookston Dumbarton v Third Lanark Oban Saints v Neilston
  15. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    I said weeks ago club rep was being damaged. Totally fucked now.