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  1. Do you think this is the start of an Arniston turn around after a hard start of the season, picked up points in the last 3 games and possibly 2 more games where they’ll be looking to pick up more points.
  2. No seen them put any scores up on Twitter, do you know what the scores have been?
  3. I’ve seen both sides play quite a bit this season, sandys front players are better players but it’s at the back where Lothian are better. Just a younger and quicker at the back and can play a bit too. Sandys sit a bit too deep and invite teams on to them a bit more. Just my opinion nothing against both sides as there both good.
  4. Be interesting to see how a game between sandys and Lothian vale would pan out, you’d obviously think sandys would win it but seen Lothian see off a good Tollcross side in a friendly I know it counts for nothing but tollcross have been good this season.
  5. In relation for LEAFA would they look at merging with Stirling and district league or would it be the borders league? I know they’d probably prefer stirling and district league but all hypothetical unless anything actually does change.
  6. What’s you’re squad for tonight’s match? Just haven’t seen much about the select team in a while mate.
  7. If people wanted to read about EoS then they would go to they forums unlike somebody who’s infatuated about ammies but never played before.
  8. Why bother replying then face it EoS standard is rotten, the better amateur teams would probably beat them in an one off game
  9. Agree with that watched a few pre season games start of the season with leafa teams against lowland and EoS sides and the leafa teams held there own, maybe last 15mins when games opened up was when the leafa sides looked out there depth.
  10. Seen Lothian Vale against Tollcross the day and Lothian out played Tollcross for much of the game, last 20mins Tollcross dominated without making any real clear chances. Lothian looking good going into the new year
  11. Aye that’s maybe true mate but just from the hear say about the players and seeing them a couple times they look a very good side with good players
  12. Is there any reasoning to why there wasn’t any shortlees players in the Scotland squad, with them being one of the top teams in Scotland and having some very good players?
  13. Heard one of the Scotland coaches went to watch the shortlees boys and ended up liking the look of one of the Lothian vale players. Must’ve been a good game to watch heard it was a decent battle
  14. Cracking tie for phildo and the Lothian boys going away to Shortlees and hopefully pulling off what would be the result of the round id imagine but that’s just my own opinion.
  15. So I take it they’ll be no squad for the trial matches confirmed until you can source a park then mate?
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