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  1. want to pop over the road and sign young Dolzanski from Jeanfield he,s a standout every time I visit the Riverside
  2. no sacrifice mate. I was there, it was a fantastic game and both teams gave it their ALL..
  3. he was aperfect example of what Breadalbane and other progressive teams in Tayside are up against.
  4. I.ve come back on to clarify Breadalbane,s position. Breadalbane founded in 1880 were a senior club, as were the Vale of Atholl up until 1960 when their membership of the SFA was terminated due to the grounds not being enclosed. This led to the collapse of the PFA and application was made to the Perthshire Junior F.A but their application was refused as it was deemed too far to travel from Perth and the clubs were forced into thePAFA. Ironically 7 years later the PJFA collapsed and the remaining teams joined the ERSJFA. However the junior candle has always burned in Breadalbane circles and 9/10 years ago after winning the North of Tay cup with Gavin Price as manager Breadalbane asked the SJFA for a ground inspection in relation to a possible membership application. John Reilly and the Fauldhouse president (can,t remember his name) duly arrived and it was pretty evident from the initial conversation that they were there to blow holes in any potential application, their problem was they couldn,t find any so they latched on to being next to the golf course and the travelling time to Fauldhouse as pointers as to why they wouldn,t support an application from Breadalbane. From there Breadalbane contacted the SFA for advice and they sent out their head ground invigilator (cammy watt) who quite simply shook his head at the junior stance, a full health and safety report has been drawn up to support any application and the club were advised to apply for legacy status (successful) and he advised that any future ground works should be done to entry level standard making any future objections null and void. Breadalbane,s facilities are not an issue, neither the SJFA nor EOSFL would find fault and I would say we are further down the licensing line than most, the club has a good youthful hard working committee, I think the next project they are taking on is a floodlight upgrade to 300 lux, they have ambitions and why should the system hold them back because of a misunderstanding of geography.
  5. summer football is long overdue at our level but the only way is for the clubs to take action themselves through their own leagues. nobody will do it for us but ourselves.
  6. you,ll be surprised at the answer
  7. you need to get yourself up to date, they are applying in big numbers.
  8. you wouldn,t be an amateur team you would be a junior team and most of the junior teams that are going to be left are basically amateur teams anyway. what would you do if the junior teams left apply to join the amateurs?
  9. any amateur team with appropriate facilities can apply to join the pyramid. however the elite teams left should consider joining the juniors that are left. the junior fa would have to relax there ground rules a bit but I don't see a problem if they want to continue as a grade.
  10. got to move on now but have to say the pitch is a credit to whoever looks after it.
  11. if this ground is north this line isn't drawn from the tay bridge from what I can see
  12. I,m sitting at luncartys ground right now. if this line cuts the village in half then brownlands park is south of it and the river tay.
  13. anybody at jeanfield yesterday, heard the plot was lost.
  14. Perthshire amateur games now coming in postponed. game set and match to the weather.
  15. evert junior game in Dundee, angus and Perthshire now postponed due to frozen pitches
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